Team Challenge – 2011 Napa to Sonoma #14

11 miler

Group Practice #14
11 miles on the schedule
Start time: 6:00 AM for walkers, 6:30 AM for runners

This is it… the PEAK of training. The LONGEST distance in our whole training cycle.  And the team managed to get it done… well, most of them.

Here’s the thing I’m a little worried about… we’ve had a couple people who started to hurt and then just stopped showing up for several weeks.  Then they came to the 11-miler!  Just in case you were ever wondering if you can get an overtraining injury by not doing enough… you can. Especially when the only training you do is the absolute longest distance each week in the training plan.  One of these people I’m afraid they did too much, despite recommendations to not do the full distance… this person did it all and was hurting very badly. I hope this person gets some relief from the doctor this week, but it just concerns me.  The other person is just switching to be a walker for the race and should be fine.

I don’t want to rant too much, because I do understand that people get hurt… I’ve been hurt, it’s almost inevitable… there will be some injuries at some point. Just sometimes, those injuries frustrate me.  Most of the team did a great job knocking it out of the park, especially with the warm temperatures. 

We definitely need ways to cool ourselves down in this weather.  Just carrying fluids with you isn’t completely enough since they warm up so much.  I brought a bunch of Frosty Towels for the team that were donated to me.  The group used them after the training to help cool down.  Most of the team really liked them, but a couple of them felt the towels were too strongly scented.  But as long as there was some additional way to help reduce the core temperature, I was pleased with that!

Now we start moving into the taper. It’s hard to believe that in just 3 weeks we’ll be in Napa. I’m looking forward to the trip a lot, as well as looking forward to the cooler temps. 🙂

11 miler 11 miler 11 miler 11 miler 11 miler

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  1. I can definitely understand how frustrating it would be to have people dealing with their injuries that way! It’s just not that wise to be cavalier with your training in that way, and it’s disappointing when people who have coaching available to them don’t take advantage of it! Overall, though, it sounds like the team is doing a great job! Hopefully the race will be a big success, just like the fundraising has been 🙂

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