Find Your Strong

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Saucony is branching out with a huge new campaign under the tagline “Find Your Strong”.  Just the phrase alone invokes positive images for me.  They’ll be hitting up print media, but also playing a big part with social media and their first ever television commercial:

The commercial doesn’t speak to me particularly, because I don’t think it illustrates MY STRONG.  But I did like the phrase, which made me start to think about what MY STRONG might be.

I’ve made some huge changes in my life the past couple years and I’m getting a lot better at owning my choices and forming my truths.  They may not be the most popular ones or the ones that are expected… but they are mine and were formed by the perspective that is uniquely mine.  Here are some personal truths I’ve embraced recently:
– I don’t really like decorating my home.
– I am far more comfortable in casual clothes.
– But if I want to wear a girly embellishment with cargo shorts, that’s my prerogative.
– Not everyone will like my opinions, but most people are kind enough to listen and respect others.
– If someone dislikes me because of my opinions, I don’t have to care.
– I want more tattoos.
– I’m angry at the world’s standards of what constitutes beauty (or handsome)

So I guess my latest strong is that I’m learning to Embrace ME! (Small plug for Emilie‘s awesome Embrace:Me project! Like it on Facebook!)

It will be interesting to see what direction Saucony takes this campaign in… I guess they’re riding the success of the Kinvara to pay for this? 😉

I currently have the Kinvara and my trail shoe is the Peregrine… love them both!  They are just releasing the Kinvara 2, which is basically the same as the first one, but with new colors.  This is the first line of shoes I’ve run in that has had so many color options and it makes me want them all!

They also have the Hattori, a zero-drop minimal shoe without shoe laces, and the Mirage, a 4mm drop shoe with a little more stability for runners transitioning into minimalism.  It’s like a whole training wheels program!
Mirage —> Kinvara —> Hattori!

Saucony Hattori (men's version)

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