New Shoe Roundup

Here are some more of the newer running shoes in the world that have caught my eye recently:

Reebok RealFlex
Reebok enters into the minimal market with their RealFlex shoe. Their website says they are “low profile” but it doesn’t specify the heel-to-toe drop. Interestingly, I can never seem to find Reebok shoes on running store websites like Running Warehouse or in running specialty stores. I wonder why that is? They have posted a three-and-a-half minute video on YouTube about the shoe and the “76 flex-friendly sensors” featured in the shoe. The bottoms of the shoes are kind of crazy looking, but not as much as their ZigTech shoes. These are retailing for $89.98

Merrell Barefoot Shoes

Merrell Power Glove
Merrell Power Glove

These came out a month or so ago, but they look pretty interesting. The most intriguing thing about them is they released an iPhone app at the same time to walk you through a whole training program to transition into minimalism.

The women’s line has three models: Pace Glove, Pure Glove and Power Glove. They range in price from $90 – $110. The Power Glove is really… unique looking, kind of a strange boot/sandal! The Pure Glove looks like it has potential to be a cute casual shoe.

The men’s line isn’t quite as odd, again with three models: Trail Glove, Tough Glove and True Glove. They range in price from $110 – $120

Mizuno Wave Prophecy

Mizuno Wave Prophecy
Mizuno Wave Prophecy

This is NOT a minimal shoe, like the previous two I mentioned. But it stood out to me because of the price point… retailing at $199.95! That’s a pretty high cost, but the company is apparently really excited about it. They’ve said they have been working on this shoe for 7 years. The full length Infinity Wave Plates at the bottom provide a unique look, but they are also there to help with cushioning and stability. The press release said they help to promote a midfoot or forefoot landing, but they seem to show a lot of heel striking in their promotional video. The different gender specific versions are meant to take into account women’s higher Q angle compared to men’s more neutral hip alignment. The shoe was launched on May 6, 2011.

Note: I haven’t tried any of these shoes… so I have no opinions on how they perform!

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