Three Things Thursday

I’ve never done a “Three Things Thursday” blog post, but plenty of other bloggers participate in this trend and while running today I felt like I had the perfect post for this subject… at least, perfect for me!

1. New Trail Shoes: Saucony Peregrine
New Trail Shoes

2. Beautiful desert scenery

3. Stress (somewhat) relieved and a happy girl

Now I just need to do something to control all those wispy flyaway hairs!


  1. Funky trail shoes, actually in a cool funky color! (Mine are either bright, bright green, or this ugly dark grey color.) And yes, your scenery is quite different than mine (as in right now, I’ve been on a treadmill for months!) Thank you for the beautiful pictures, there is something so serene and calming about the desert vistas.

    Oh, and to control the flyaways – think of it this way, they could be plastered to your head like when I run! 🙂

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