This has been a rough running week… You know how I posted that I had a good run on Tuesday night?  Yeah, that was the only run this week that was great.  Thursday I felt like I was running into the wind no matter what way I turned and I was just so tired.  And on Friday, the winds were very strong again, so I succumbed to my fatigue and skipped running.  And today’s run… well, it was just not that awesome.

I started out wearing a pair of Lululemon running tights.  I put them on and was instantly impressed with how good my butt looked in them, just like everybody says about those pants.  But that’s about all they’re good for… making my butt look good!  I started running and had to turn around after a half mile because they kept feeling like they were sliding down, in danger of making me sport the “coin slot” look.  No thanks… not interested in that.

So I ran back home, switched pants as fast as I could and started to run again.
2/27/11 Run

The plan was to do 9 miles but when I hit 3.5 miles I was hit with an overwhelming wall of fatigue.  So I turned on a street that would lead me back home.  After another mile of running I was done… I took off my hydration belt and dejectedly walked in the last half mile back home. (Actually, I think I was scowling the whole time.)

When I got to my neighborhood’s gate, I found that the keypad on the pedestrian gate was broken… thus I couldn’t punch in the code to get back in.  And somehow, my phone still had last year’s gate code instead of the new 2011 code so I couldn’t use the car gate keypad.  It was a little over another 1/2 mile to get around to the other gate for the ‘hood and I was nearly ready to get angry, but then a car pulled up and used their clicker to open the gate so I could slip in as they rolled through.

I ran the last quarter mile through the neighborhood back to my house to get home and was relieved to be done… getting in right around 5 miles for the day.
2/27/11 Run

I had a step-back week planned for next week, but ended up with an unplanned step-back week this week.  I’m not sure if I’ll flip-flop the step-back week on my schedule and do the training I should have or just go with two step-backs.

The biggest reason that I can guess for feeling so wiped out is that on Wednesday I went to the doctor, where they drained about 5 vials of blood from my arm and then gave me a prescription for progesterone.  Any time you start messing around with hormones, that’s bound to have an affect on how you’re feeling.  And considering I’m on the progesterone for 10 days, I’m not quite sure how I’ll feel throughout next week either.

I’m also mentally drained.  My mom is having pretty big surgery tomorrow and I’m beating myself up for not being there with her.  Her sister is coming to help her, it’s not like I’m leaving her entirely alone.  And with my husband traveling for work I didn’t want to board JadeTheBoxer for the week.  I will go see her as soon as I can… but it does wear on me to think that my mom is going in for something significant and scary and that I can’t be right there with her at that moment, to comfort her and take care of her.

So… Monday is a fresh start…
I hope to relax and meditate and get my running groove back…
and visit my mom.
Think positive thoughts for her, pray for her, burn some incense for her, whatever it is you feel will help…


  1. We will keep your mom in our prayers and hope for a full and speedy recovery. Hope your week and runs go better. 🙂

  2. **Hugs for you and and your family right now**

    I’m on antibiotics right now and my workouts have been so HARD this past week. I’m hoping that’s the culprit……….and that I’ll be back to normal once I’m done taking them!

  3. I saw these photos on Flickr without knowing the story and thought, “That must’ve been one bad run!” Now I know why. 😦 I’ve had pants fall down on me while running and it totally put me off! But on a more serious note, I hope your mother’s surgery went well and that she’s recovering nicely!

    I know that I’m not as schooled in running as you, but I do know that for any period of downtime — whether we are talking sport/art/work/etc. there’s usually a good reason for needing to lay off. I find that if I honor what my body (or even the world) is telling me, it will usually work out in my favor! At the end of the day, if you aren’t feeling it, it will serve you no purpose to force it.


  4. Oh, boy, I can definitely relate to having those days or weeks where running just doesn’t feel right. And it is always so hard to cut a long run short, even though sometimes that’s what your body really wants/needs. As for the progesterone, it sounds like that’s probably the culprit. Hopefully you’ll be back to having more runs like the one last Tuesday soon!

    I hope your mom is doing well. And remember that you’re a great daughter. Don’t be too hard on yourself, part of being good to your mom involves being good to you, too 🙂

  5. Sounds like you just had a lot of stress on you, and it manifested itself in a very physical way. I’m glad you are able to be with your mom.

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