Taking a break from the heavier NEDA week topics… let’s get to something light and fluffy!

Last night I ran at Fleet Feet, like most Tuesdays.  I spent about 15 minutes before I left for the run throwing a ball around in the backyard with JadeTheBoxer. She loves outside, but not if she’s put outside by herself.  When she’s inside, she wistfully stares outside.

Jade's window

I got kind of chilly while spending time out there, thus I put on heavier pants than I probably needed for the evening run.  I definitely heated up a little, but was overall fine. If I ran any further than the 5 miles I did though, I would have been in danger of overheating!

The run felt amazing… I’ve just felt so like my runs are so free and effortless since I’ve been running in the Kinvara.  Maybe it’s a mental thing, I can’t give props solely to the shoes… but I think ditching several ounces of shoe weight has made a difference!

And speaking of the Kinvara… Recently a pair of Saucony Peregrine shoes showed up at my doorstep.  These are the trail shoe based on the Kinvara profile.  Yippee!  I can’t wait to go leisurely run some trails later this week.

Saucony Peregrine

The weather this weekend is supposed to be yucky. That’s a bummer because I really need to and want to get my runs in… but not indoors. (I really feel for everyone who HAS to run inside due to weather extremes!) I wussed out on some of my runs last week… I just felt so tired. And I embraced the restorative powers of sleep over running long. I really don’t feel guilty about it either, my base is built enough that I can do that every now and then, and it’s actually probably good for me.

So how is your week going? Heard any funny jokes lately?


  1. A woman was driving the lonely road near Tuba City, AZ and wishing she had some one to chat with. In the distance, she saw an old Navajo woman by the side of the road. She stopped and asked the woman if she needed a ride. The woman nodded and got in the car. The woman driver tried and tried to get the old woman to talk, but she said nothing. There was a sack sitting between the seats. The old woman noticed the sack and nodded towards it as if she wondered what it was. The driver saw this and said to the old woman. Oh, that is a sack of candy I got for my husband. The old woman was quite for a minute and then said…..Good trade. Baaahahaha. Well, I thought it was so funny, but I lived on the rez for a long time.

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