On My Own…

I’ve mentioned it on here before, but I usually run on Tuesday nights at the local Fleet Feet Sports store. Last week I was planning on heading to that run, but by 4:00 PM I realized that I just couldn’t do it. I’ve been doing so many runs with other people for coaching purposes, that I haven’t run on my own in a really long time.

So that’s what I did last week… several times, nice solid solo runs.

I ran short
I ran long(ish).
I ran intervals.
I ran steady.
I ran slow.
I ran fast.
I ran for me.

And it felt good…

Remember how I had my right eye operated on months ago? (PRK vision correction…) Well, it took a long time to heal. I’m sure it had to do with stress. I had a Team Challenge information/recruitment meeting the night before the surgery, then I had another one a day after my surgery. I jumped right back into working and staring at my computer screen within days of the surgery. Really, I just didn’t give myself time to recover.

So after months and months… my right eye is finally healed enough so I can have surgery on my left eye. I’m getting that done this Thursday. But until then I can’t wear a contact in that eye. So I’ve been wandering around in a half-blind state. I did pop a lens out of my old glasses, but that difference in depth perception between eyes is enough to make me dizzy. I can see well enough to get myself around in daylight, but when I was a passenger in my husband’s car last night after dark, HOLY CRAP! The world is displayed in triplicate. The glow from streetlights, headlights and signage plays nasty tricks on my eyes.

So I probably won’t run at Fleet Feet this week. Simply because it’s hard to drive myself there!

That’s fine, the solo running feels pretty good now!


  1. I have been missing running so much…I have made very little time for myself lately and then I got sick. I honestly cant remember the last time I ran. Reading your post makes me want to run so bad!!!!!!

    • Yep, I won’t be jumping right back into work. In fact, I don’t have to go back to work until Jan 3. I don’t have a lot of obligations over the next few weeks either, just relaxation! Hopefully that will be the key… that and my left eye doesn’t have as many pre-surgery problems as my right eye did, so I’m hoping that factors in to make a difference!

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