Ending on a High Note

Team ChallengeLast night we had our “reunion party” for Team Challenge. The majority of the team gathered at Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ to feast (on mediocre grub – I wasn’t impressed with the food!) and celebrate the victory of achievement!

I don’t think the restaurant believed that we would truly have over 100 people there because they didn’t bring out enough food at first. But we proved them wrong! πŸ™‚ After they brought out the first course (green salad, the best part of the meal for me!) and ran out, the restaurant staff replenished our supplies.

Our Endurance Manager handed out some awards to the individuals that raised the most money. We had a raffle for several prizes (I really wanted to win the sweet Brooks jacket from the Rock ‘n’ Roll series… but I’m honestly happy it went to a participant!). We had an update on our team’s fundraising, we ended the season raising over $200,000 as a team for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Not only that, there are still some donations trickling in!

Bronze CompletionPins were handed out to Team Challenge alumni. The pins are a new item this season, people who have been through multiple seasons get a bronze, silver or gold level pin. Even the coaches earn them, so I received a bronze pin for completing my second season with Team Challenge. I’ll get a silver pin after the Napa race and I’ll earn a gold pin for next year’s Vegas race.

(Yep… there’s the announcement, I’m on board for all of 2011! If we have enough people sign up for it, there will also be a race in Kona in there.)

I received several hugs and cards and kind words. So many people are adamant they will keep running/walking and many of them said they would be back for future seasons with Team Challenge as long as they could train with Jimmy and me!

This has been a year full of hard work and long training, but the wonderful feelings are so worth it. It was a fun evening and it was definitely a fantastic way to end the season.

Team Vegas - Night before the Race

(But this doesn’t mean that I’m not looking forward to the next couple months to recover and reorganize training plans for the next year!)


  1. I read this the other day but didn’t have a chance to comment (bc I was on my phone, and too much typing on that drives me nuts!) I can’t believe you are signing up for another year – wow, woman, you are so dedicated.

    • The feeling that comes from race day is enough to spur me on for another year… it truly is incredible! Plus I meet so many good people and it’s a good chance to get out of my home regularly!

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