Fresh and Easy Party

Last night I skipped my run… to go PARTY!

I was invited to a cocktail party hosted by Fresh and Easy, a chain of grocery stores in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Fresh and Easy in Henderson, NV
Photo courtesy Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market

They invited bloggers and media folk to attend, fed us yummy appetizers, desserts and poured a lot of wine. It was really interesting to hear the wine expert talk about the different qualities of vino and pairing it properly. The chef created some really tasty small bites for us to sample.

One of the things I really enjoyed though was talking to people about running (you’re shocked, you never would have guessed that I like to talk about running, right?)… none of the other people there were running bloggers, so I was unique in that regard. And people repeatedly asked me about how to start running or if I thought anyone could run.

YES! I am adamant that anyone can run. I do believe there are a lot of mistakes people make when they try to start running that makes it a painful experience, and nobody wants to keep repeating a painful experience! As long as people start slowly and ease into it, just about anyone can run!

The hosts sent all of us home with a gift: a canvas bag full of goodies (cookies, chocolate, bread, spices, wine) as well as recipes to replicate some of the food created by the chef that organized our munchies.

It was a nice night and I think it was worth skipping out on a run to attend!


  1. It sounds like it was a great time! I agree with you–anyone can run, it’s just a question of starting out slow and not trying too much all at once. I always refer people to the Couch to 5k program, it seems like a fail-proof way to get started.

    • It was great meeting you two as well! I had a nice time chatting with you and hope we can connect at some other time in the future! (I hope you get the chance to try the Flightline soon!)

  2. Hope you have a great friend that likes wine 🙂 We have won or been given several bottles of wine on our vacations and there is always a buddy who will take it with our good wishes.

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