Erratic Training

My running lately has been all over the place. Several weeks ago I ran 7 whole miles in one week. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but some weeks I just feel beat… and I’m going with the flow when I feel good and when I’m feeling drained I’m trying to respect my body and let it rest a little. I wrote about my “missing mojo” a few weeks back.

Then I got my mojo back! The following two weeks I ran about 33 and 35 miles each week.

But then I lost my mojo again. This week, I’m at 5 miles for the week so far. (Well, 4.8 if we’re going to get technical…) I’ll tackle 9 miles tomorrow with my Team Challenge group, but I usually have to do a lot of walking on those days now. I have a new pair of Saucony Kinvara shoes that I want to try out on Sunday too, so hopefully my week won’t be capped off at 5, but I’m still beat.

Sad Pup
Actually, I have a feeling I know what part of it may be due to… My cute little puppy got spayed and that meant I had about 10 days where she was extremely uncomfortable and crying a lot during the night. I’m not blaming Jade, adopting her was something I chose, getting her spayed was my decision (well, and the city of Las Vegas’ decision) and if someone stuck a bucket on my head right after I had surgery, I’d probably be pretty sad too. But a lack of sleep is definitely contributing to the general feelings of malaise.

Regardless… I hope to uncover my mojo before running the Women’s Half Marathon in Arizona on November 7. I’m not racing it, I’m just going to cover the distance and have fun. It will be a girls trip for my mom and me, plus there are lots of gals from Vegas heading down there for the race too. Ultimately I’m looking to have fun… but I want my running mojo too!


  1. Oh awesome, about your doing a women’s half! I have only done one women’s only race at that distance but it was a lot of fun. I’m sorry though, about the lack of mojo, but yeah you probably nailed the reason for it with your lack of sleep. That would do it to anyone.

  2. i hate those feelings of malaise – i have had them A LOT over the past year. well, i call it ‘malaise’ cause i dont know what else to call it…

    anyway, i hope you feel normal again soon. don’t push the running if you’re not feeling it, allow yourself to do other forms of exercise, just so long as you’re moving! (that helped me a lot lately to overcome my running-slump)

  3. I have been feeling that way a lot lately. I have Philly in 4 weeks and even though when I run, I run well…I haven’t been running enough!

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