Product Review: Rohto Eyedrops

This review is soooooo overdue. I was sent samples of Rohto Eye Drops so long ago and tried them a few times, but then I had my PRK surgery in my right eye and was hesitant to use anything that wasn’t explicitly recommended by my eye doctor, so I set these on the back burner. And since my eye is still recovering (ugh… I’m the longest PRK recovery EVER! Basically due to the fact that I’m so stressed out all the time, my body has a tough time healing!) I’m going to write this about my experiences prior to surgery.


Rohot Eyedrops
Rohto markets themselves toward athletes, with several triathletes sponsored/featured on their web site as well as by sponsoring several sporting events. And apparently these drops are some of the go-to products used in celebrity photoshoots (although I suspect know Photoshop plays a large role too!) I also stumbled upon something about stoners being a fan of these too.

The drops I was sent range from 3 different versions for redness reducing and one for hydrating. I’m a little wary of redness reducing eye drops because I’ve heard that people who overuse them can cause damage to their eyes. But then again, I guess that’s the same way with anything in this world… overuse isn’t healthy. (Yep, you can overuse anything… including carrots!) But I do like that these are a redness-reducing AND lubricant drop. The redness reducing drops come in different strengths. Due to the timing of my surgery I didn’t use the whole range, just the lowest level of “Cool”. It did reduce the redness in my eyes.

In addition to the redness reducers… I tried the “Hydra” drops several times. I’m a big fan of lubricating eye drops… because my eyes are always dry and I live in the driest state in the country. I have tried a huge assortment of lubricating products, from liquid ones to mineral oil based ones to gels that you put in at night. I am a pro when it comes to eye drops. (Sadly…)

Hydra drops
Here is a basic play-by-play of using the Hydra drops.
– Hey… cool bottle. Nice design.
– Alright, let’s do this.
– Drop in…
– No wait… that’s not burning, it’s different.
– I guess that’s the “cooling sensation”.
– Do I like this?
– Okay, it’s less intense now…
– Yeah, maybe I do like it.
– Maybe…

It’s definitely a strange sensation, unlike any other eye drop experience (an odd statement) I’ve had before. But it’s the truth, it is truly unique. I did find that after using the Hydra drops a few times, I almost craved that sensation… especially after a long run in the heat. But then again, maybe the cooling sensation is a drug that gets you addicted and I cut myself off early enough because of eye surgery before developing a true addiction. (Only kidding! Kind of!)

So once my eyes are completely healed, I’m still undecided on whether I will use these more. Having your eyes jacked up is a scary thing so I’m a little apprehensive about products that aren’t handed to me directly from my doctor now. But I am a little curious about trying the more advanced levels of the drops too.

The Rohto drops were sent to me for review, free of charge. However, the opinions are my own… obviously, the language is so far from marketing-ese it’s a little crazy.

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  1. Lol I know exactly what you mean. I had a sample in a race bag once (but lost it). It has a bit of a burning sensation and then just a weird-sensation. Glad your eyes are healed up!

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