Review: Anti-Monkey Butt Powder

Just the name alone of this product is genius: Anti-Monkey Butt. I tweeted about it several months back when I saw it on the store shelves. Without knowing anything about it I was enamored of the product, purely based on the name and the packaging. So kudos to the marketing team on this one!

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder
When I was offered a chance to try this out I jumped at it, because the name is hilarious. But being a lady, I would never be afflicted with something called “monkey butt”. I also don’t burp, fart, spit or sweat!

Putting all that aside… let’s assume that I am a runner that lives in a desert climate. A city where the temperatures have not dipped below 80 degrees in over a month, where there were 6 days in the last month where the overnight lows never even dropped below 90, where the daytime highs are always over 100. A person like that MIGHT find a product that helps absorb sweat beneficial, right? šŸ˜‰

My favorite application for this? Um… in the breast region. (Would that be monkey boobs? Ew, that sounds awful!) Seriously though, some of this in the sports bra helps absorb sweat right nicely. Not that the bra is dry when I take it off after a solid run, but it also doesn’t feel as uncomfortable.

Lady Anti-Monkey Butt Powder
Another use? On my feet. Putting some of this on my feet before putting my socks on makes a HUGE difference. My feet definitely feel better at the end of a run after applying this. (Ultrarunner Jamie Donaldson uses a different brand powder on her feet, she’s run the entire Badwater race without any foot troubles. Thus my reasoning to try applying this to my tootsies.)

Now onto another issue that I was concerned with… mess. I didn’t want to just shake it all over my feet and leave piles of powder all over the place. I’ve found that it works best when I sprinkle some into my hand and then pat it onto my skin. Thus application is controlled and I don’t feel the urge to break out the vacuum just because I’ve got ready to run.

This doesn’t have to be only used for athletic endeavors either… I have a friend who is an attorney and she likes to blow a puff of it up her skirt on long, hot days. (She must be really good at controlling it so she doesn’t get it all over her suit before heading into court – I would probably end up a mess if I attempted that.)

Have any of you tried Anti-Monkey Butt Powder? What has your experience been? Watch the videos on their web site, they’re funny!

This product was sent to me free for the purpose of review.


  1. Can’t say that I’ve tried it, but the name is definitely hilarious. Like you said, definitely a coup for their marketing team!

    I am curious though Jill – how does this stuff compare to some of the more traditional anti-chaffing aids out there, a la Body Glide? Seems like a roll-on would be a little more convenient and less messy…


  2. For chafing issues, I think that Body Glide would be easier to apply. I liked this to help control moisture. But then again, chafing comes from moisture and rubbing, so if the moisture is reduced this would probably work for that. But in my own opinion, if I was looking for something to reduce chafing in a consistent spot, Body Glide would be the route I take!

  3. Hello Jill, Great article. Just a quick correction though, Jamie Donaldson does not use any foot powder, lubricants or tape during any of her races, including Badwater. For her last three Badwater victories she has worn our Drymax Maximum Protection Socks without a single blister. Check out her feet after 135 miles : Also check out the video interview. If you would like to try these socks (without foot powder) I would be happy to provide you with some samples just send me your mailing address and shoe size. Our socks have a hydrophobic (water hating) inner layer that acts like a squeegee mechanically moving the moisture to the outer hydrophilic (water loving) layer keeping a thin dry layer surrounding the feet. The use of powders, lubricants and tape actually counter act the effectiveness of our Drymax socks. I look foward to hearing from you if you would like to try a sample. – Bob, Drymax

  4. I just know Sams Club’s cameras are picking up my sheen-anagens. butt, I cant resist grabbing a bunch of these Anti-Monkey-Butts and stratigically placing them on various ass-fatner foods and even slipping them in some customers baskets, or right at the cash registers too, if asked I act dumb, why spoil the fun.

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