Strip Running

If you came to read this thinking that “Strip Running” equates to “Strip Poker” or something like that… no, things are still fairly family-friendly. At least, on this blog. The run this morning, probably wasn’t so much.

New York New York casino

This morning the mentors, coaches and some of the Team Challenge alumni gathered on the “Brooklyn Bridge” at the New York New York casino on The Strip for a short run. We were going to do 2.5 to 3 miles and at first I was a little letdown thinking, “I’m getting up early and driving across town to run such a short distance? Hmmm…” But I was looking forward to seeing my TC peeps, and the thought of running on The Strip was kind of intriguing… the only time I’ve done that before has been in races (2008 Las Vegas Half Marathon and 2009 RnR Las Vegas Half Marathon). This was The Strip in its more “natural environment”. And boy was it interesting.

First, to cross streets we had to run up and down stairs to get up to and back off the crossover sidewalks. We also had a spot in front of the new City Center where we accidentally got off the sidewalk and ended up running on the road. Not safe! So we scrambled up a low wall and through bushes to get back to the sidewalk. Those elements alone added a little more cross-training to the run.

The sidewalks were littered with the typical Las Vegas “literature”, everywhere you looked were little cards with topless women with stars to cover their nips. And the amount of women wearing hooker shoes wandering around was comical. Either they were really hookers escorts or groups of party girls who had never gone to bed.

Of course, there were a lot of other people who had never gone to bed. People were still staggering around drunk, most of them still consuming. We passed a group of drunk guys and they started to clumsily clap and cheer for us. One of them slurred, “Yay… you go run early in the morning.” Then he picked up his Heineken and took another swig. And one of my mentors told me there were a couple of naked guys in the Bellagio fountains that the police were fishing out!

It was hot and muggy on the run, it was 94 degrees on The Strip at 6:30 AM… and it’s been more humid lately than the normal. It’s just threatening to rain without really producing much.

My Garmin lost the signal a few times on The Strip… I don’t know if it was because of the buildings, the walkways or if it was just being annoying. Thus I’m not sure of the exact distance. Judging by the info my team put on Daily Mile it was anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 miles. Whatever… I just know we had fun.

Post run we ate at America’s Cafe in the New York New York. There weren’t many people eating there, yet the service was slow. The waitress had a lot of difficulty separating the bill for us and I overpaid for a disgusting omelet. (Ordered the vegetarian omelet, was served a grayish looking pile of eggs and wilty veggies.)

This run wraps up a really pathetic week of running for me, a grand total of about 8 miles. I don’t know what my problem was this week, but I’m ready to pick it back up next week!

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever run?


  1. Running + hookers?? Where do I sign up for this?! 🙂

    As for running in weird places, I have to say that running in my own neighborhood is kind of weird (in a good way). I live in downtown Atlanta and once a week or so, I’ll run into the city center where you’re bound to see a little of anything and everything. Homeless folks, dilapidated buildings, movies being filmed, mobs of people – it definitely keeps things interesting.


    • Nice… I’ve never been to Atlanta. If I ran downtown in Vegas I would get to see plenty of homeless, plus the old school Vegas scene. Do you go stand in the background of the movies and hope to see yourself on camera? 😉 I had a friend in college who ended up in the background of the movie “Honeymoon in Vegas”.

  2. I had a really pathetic week too! UGH- good thing we always get the next week to start over 🙂

  3. Should be interesting to see how traffic to your blog should now increase. You should see how many people do searches for girls running topless – sickos!! They must be so disappointed when they see it’s my blog, and topless means just in a running bra! I did laugh out loud though when I saw your blog post title. 🙂

    That would be a very interesting run. Really sunny though! I remember when I was in Vegas, many years ago, how hot and never-ending those sidewalks seemed to be. Really good post, very funny!

    • Search strings are WEIRD! On my other blog I wrote about falling down the stairs, probably about 7 years ago and people still are brought there every day from searching for b-r-u-i-s-e-d b-u-t-t .

  4. I was hoping that this was the first ever blog post to combine my two favourite things in life 🙂

    Better luck next time!

    Hope you have a better week next week!

    • I’m already starting the week off better… I’ve almost surpassed last week’s total mileage in just this morning’s run! LOL! Guess some weeks are like that!

  5. Oww.. that takes me way back when I was in Vegas.. ran the strip as well before it got too hot. Good run (well every run is a good run probably).

  6. One of my fav things to do in Vegas when I went earlier this year was waking early in the morning and going out for a run on the strip. It felt like the city was still asleep and the few that were still on the street were drunk from the previous night. I remember having to go up and down a lot of stairs to cross the streets and I also found myself running on the streets once or twice (now I don’t feel too bad about it knowing that the same thing happened to someone that lives there). Too bad I didnt know you lived in Vegas when I went, or I would had contacted to you to meet for a run!

  7. Jill – sounds like you guys had a memorable run on the Strip there in Vegas. It’s been awhile, but I’ve made that run before – definitely some interesting “people” to see out there in the early mornings.

    The “Wierdest” place I’ve run outside of my “Keep Austin Wierd” hometown, would have to be Cancun, MX. A run is a run, so that part was pretty “standard” – but hearing “Buenos Dias” in lieu of “Good Morning” was pretty strange, and the farther away I got from the resort, the more it looked like Vegas ….. Call Girls, Unsavory men and teens ….. all at 6:00 a.m. ….. very “wierd”.

  8. Sounds like a great meet-up run! I’d feel weird driving over for a short run too, but it wasn’t just about the run! 🙂

    Congrats to your team, and you for being an awesome coach!

  9. Sounds like a fun run. I ran on the strip once. It felt pretty peaceful compared to how it is during normal hours. I actually saw a lot of runners.

    I haven’t run in very many “weird” places. I do recall a run I did a couple summers ago in downtown San Diego. It was during ComicCon and the contrast between my friend and I running and the odd sorts of people dressed up like aliens etc. was strange. Some of those people hadn’t seen the light of day in months. LOL.

    • The Strip is way calmer in the early morning compared to normal, I’ll agree. And I saw quite a few runners out there too. It was an interesting mix of runners and drunks!

      I remember you talking about the ComicCon run. One of my employees just went to ComicCon… I told him I’d have to fire him if he dressed up like some crazy character. (Only kidding!)

  10. I don’t know about running on the strip! I know I wouldn’t want to bike down there 🙂 We usually ride our bikes around Henderson or the river mountain trail which is gorgeous and looking forward to Viva Bike Vegas in October.

    • Yikes! I definitely think cycling on The Strip would be far worse than running on it! I wouldn’t want to be in the roads, there was still a lot of car traffic even that early! The river mountain trail is great!

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