The Birth of the Blog

Jillian started a new series to take the place of the now absent Take It and Run Thursday. Each week a question will be posted and bloggers can choose to participate. And after a vote, the name I suggested was actually selected for the series: Monday Brain Exchange. Yay… go me! As Jillian said, I was the “winning thinker-upper”.

Question: What/Who influenced you to start a blog? Where did you get your blog title? How long have you been blogging?

I started playing around with blogging platforms and technologies in 2001… all due to professional curiosity. I started a personal blog that same year, it has moved from being hosted at various freebie places to a self-hosted WordPress install to slowly dying to small revivals and all kinds of in-between stages.

I started this blog in spring 2008 when I decided to train with Team In Training to do my second marathon. Mainly I was going to use it to keep friends & family updated on my training, but I found that I enjoyed blathering on about running and they probably enjoyed reading about my running blather a lot less than I had hoped. (I guess it is kind of like a scrapbooking blog, I can appreciate that people have that hobby and enjoy doing that craft but I don’t really live in that world so I wouldn’t choose to follow a scrapbooking blog!) Nonetheless… I seem to have found a community of friends and readers who do appreciate the same type of content as me, so it all works out for the positive!

I am not quite sure how “Jill Will Run” came about exactly, but it just fell into place. And I love my site’s name!


  1. Yeah- thanks for participating!! And for being the winning thinker-uppper!! Now it just needs a little lift-off and I think I might have something here 🙂

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