The Things You Find on a Run

Today I found something very strange while I was out for my run. It just seemed so out of context that I had to double-back to take a picture of it. I don’t know if people in other locations come across something like this on a regular basis, but this was definitely a new one for me. Maybe people that live in locations with a lot of water, large bodies of water and shorelines… but here in my desert home? No, this just didn’t belong. And on a street in a desert city just outside of a neighborhood it was really strange. If I looked just 3 feet to the left there were cacti, so it was really a contrast. And it would have been strange enough if there was just one, but there were 3 of them. Just lying in the road, obviously a terrible way to come to their demise.

Dead Fish...

And apparently I am a little morbid, to crouch down on the road next to a dead fish to take a picture. But the site of death didn’t do anything to diminish my run, it was a good one!

03/28/10 Run

Have you ever come across anything really weird on the ground while out running?

Hope your weekend was great!


  1. Ok, that is weird, no doubt about it. Is there any lake near you (I know, this must sound silly, you live in LV) but any place where someone could have caught that little guy and then for some reason, thrown it out their car window at one point? Either way, I agree, it’s super weird.

    I’ve been reading your blog through the emailed posts I’ve been getting lately – sorry to have not been commenting as much. Usually I read it on my phone, and then I admit, I’m lazy about thumb-typing…

    • There is Lake Mead, but that’s way on the other side of town… but I guess your theory is something that could have happened. Who knows?!

      I totally understand being lazy about thumb-typing! I rarely comment via my iPhone cause it’s just kind of a pain!

  2. Oh my gosh, I stumbled across a dead fish on one of my long runs a few weeks back! I also took a photo : ) My theory was that a raccoon must have got it out of a pond in someone’s backyard and then got scared off. That is definitely the weirdest thing I have found, but I’m still looking.

  3. I think Teri’s got it. It looks more like an ornamental fish (like a Koi) than a trout… I’d have guessed a wild animal too…but three of them? That’s weird…maybe some naughty kids…

    Poor fish.

    I’d have taken a picture of it too.

    I think the weirdest thing I’ve found was a broken bong, but I also ran past a beached whale last year…that was pretty weird (and yes, I took a photo)

  4. Ok that is weird to find a fish. We have tons of road kill here and I always see weird pieces of trash. its just sad sometimes to see animals who have gotten hit by cars while I am out on my run.

  5. I run at a river that has quite a bit of rift raft at night, so often I run by alcohol and etc…but one time, a friend of mine ran past a pile…yes pile…of condoms. Weird!

    Ps- check my blog…you were the Q&A theme winner 🙂 You win one bag of your favorite candy, so shoot me an email to let me know what your wish is!

  6. Seriously you have some of the oddest running stories. I can’t say I have ever seen dead fish in the desert, much less on a run. Maybe I should pay more attention….nah.

  7. haha. i like that you had to go back and take a pic! i’ve seen lots of dead birds lately on my runs… well, maybe not “lots”, but seeing more than 1 seems out of the ordinary. one looked headless, but i didn’t stop for a pic, sorry 🙂

  8. I’ve seen dead fish before … but I live near water. The birds drop them!

    The strangest things I’ve ever seen while out running are a turkey (wild), a turkey (dinner, discarded on the side of a trail), and a purple toilet at the end of somebody’s driveway with a “Free! Works!” sign taped to it.

  9. I have a whole series of pictures I took of a dead lizard while out running last year – it was really big and right on the sidewalk, so I was creeping in taking pictures of it. It took quite a bit to realize that it wasn’t running away because it was dead – even had a hole in the side of it! Anyway, thought it was funny, like yours, not morbid.

    Another story too: A friend of mine from college is terribly afraid of fish. Fish in any situation. Anyway, there was a story on the news about water spouts (basically tornadoes or downdrafts) that form over water – and will pick up everything in the body of water, including fish. Once they are pulled up into the air, with all the wind, somewhere often far distances away will have it ‘rain fish’ from the wind carried out from the spout. The friend hated us for telling her about it and was then afraid for weeks about spontaneous fish rain. With all of the wind you’ve been having in Vegas, maybe that’s what brought the fish to you!

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