Down to (Nearly) Nothing

When I said I would take it easy for a little bit, scaling back my running some… I didn’t expect it would be NO running. But running hasn’t been consistently happening for me the past couple weeks. I just keep getting sick. 😦

My last run was last Thursday (Christmas Eve morning) and it was an okay run. I did about 4 miles, they weren’t particularly rough miles but they also weren’t super easy. At least it was a beautiful day out, sunny and clear and in the mid-30’s while I was running. I didn’t get out to run the few days before that because the winds were whipping through the Las Vegas valley in excess of 40 mph. (Clinging to street signs and getting pelted with garbage/dirt/rocks while running isn’t exactly my idea of a good time!)

Glass of water and pillsBy Christmas evening I was starting to feel cold-like symptoms settle in… yet again. And since that time, each day has been a little worse. Right now I can barely catch a breath while laying on my couch, much less if I were to try running. My nostrils are completely closed up, so I’m breathing through my mouth and my lungs have started to rattle again. This was frustrating because I had just gotten through a round of antibiotics for sinusitis/bronchitis and was starting to feel better.

I have asthma and have a long history of having colds turn into bronchitis turn into pneumonia. I have had walking pneumonia multiple times throughout my life and trust me, it’s a miserable experience. But I haven’t had anything really bad the past couple years and was getting a little arrogant, thinking that running was helping to make me invincible. I was now impervious to the viral and bacterial infections that have haunted me in the past.

Errr… I guess not!

Since I can’t run right now, what better way to fill my time than to read about running! I love to search the local library system’s catalog for books on running and request those. One that became available to me just before Christmas was a book* on injuries and as I was reading it yesterday the section on the mental challenges of injury kind of rang true for me.

While I’m not necessarily “injured” in the sense the book talks about, being sick is something that can prevent us from running, just like having IT Band syndrome or a stress fracture does. No matter what knocks us down, it’s difficult to deal with those setbacks but developing the mental steel to forge through these downs is just as important as developing our physical strengths for training.

I’m just doing my best to not let this couch time destroy my outlook. I imagine that when I do get to go for a run it will feel a little harder at first, and that’s okay. As long as I keep reminding myself that I will get to run again soon and if I pushed through this I could make myself worse, I am a little more comfortable with this lounge period.

I’m down and out right now, but not for good!

*I’ll have a review on it coming up shortly!


  1. Hi!!, you are not the only one that has had no running during this time of year. I also have been struggling to keep a run lately. My treadmill broke and right now its raining outside and it is cold. And to add to all of it, I got the flu about two days ago.

    Have you taken some shots to feel better??, I did that yesterday, and it worked almost immediately. I would highly recommend you do it


  2. Yikes. Take care, love, though it sounds like you’re doing exactly what needs to be done. I’m glad that you’re taking a “zen” perspective on all this illness… it can do wonders for your outlook on life, but when you remember that this, too, is temporary, you can make it through a lot. Will look forward to your book review! Hugs from afar. 🙂

  3. Ugh, girl. I’ve been sick too. My BF keeps bugging me though, “We need to get back in the gym. We need to be working out.” Which is his code for, “Hey, moe, why aren’t you running?” I’ve been sick and just not feeling…well…right. I’m hoping I can get over this crap soon and snap out of the funk. I miss running. (But I’ve been knitting which has been good for me, too.)

    Get better soon! 🙂

  4. having had double pneumonia, i so know how you feel! It sucks the life out of you, literally!! rest rest rest rest rest!!!!! REST!!!! you will be back running, but as you know, if you start too soon you will be down for the count again! No Pneumonia for you girlie!!!

  5. Sorry to hear you are sick…I too have that history of colds leading to bronchitis, so I know from where you speak. Hanging loose is the way to go. And think of it this way–this is a good time to be down and strengthen your reserves for when the real training/racing season kicks in.

  6. Ah, the pills and vitamins. Love ’em. It sounds like your asthma is worse than mine. You are right, it’s no joke, and it can make even the most ordinary cold much worse. So it’s good you are just laying low, even though it’s a forced break. How are you liking the netti pot? Everyone I know who uses one, swears by it.

    • My asthma is a lot better since living in the dry, western US. When I lived in Illinois it was a lot worse because molds got to me and the humidity there allowed mold to grow a lot more rampantly than it does here!

      The neti pot has been interesting. I had some trouble with it at first, but that’s due to the fact that my sinuses were SOOOO congested it didn’t work. But after I got it to work, it’s actually a weird kind of wonderful! 🙂

  7. I hope that you are feeling better, Jill. I’m a little concerned about you as you seem unable to shake the cold. Maybe you get checked. I had similar symptoms years ago and came down with walking pneumonia too. Take care of yourself.

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