Craving Speed

I’m in Utah for work this week, where the daytime temps have felt a little chilly for my Vegas-acclimated blood, but have felt great for post-work running. And the fact that I didn’t bring my Garmin with me has kind of made the runs feel like they are free from pressure, even if the usual pressure is entirely self-imposed.

I ran around 5 miles on Tuesday evening and just 3 tonight. Both runs felt amazing, effortless and pain-free. I’ve been running in the Nike LunarGlides this week AND without my knee brace. That’s how I want to be able to run all the time, it just feels a little more free. But if I have to wear a brace to run for the rest of my life, I will concede to that!

I’m itching to run fast, but I’m playing it safe and following doctor’s orders of “no speedwork” because I have bigger goals than getting a little immediate speed now.

Instead of running on Wednesday I went to see ‘Whip It’ with my mom. That was a good choice too!

I’m really looking forward to getting in a long run this weekend. The Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll half is coming up quickly!


  1. The time seems to be flying…I cannot believe the year is ending soon!!! I think it is wonderful that you are back running and SMART that you are taking is slow and steady!

  2. yeah for new shoes and for cool evening runs! So jealous! I bet the weather is beautiful!! And very smart to take it slow!!! I hope you get home out of snowy utah!

  3. glad running is going well! hold off on the speed so you can keep running and not get side-lined again. you know, the whole “run smart” and “be patient” stuff we runners are not so good with 😉

  4. It is so true. “Running smart”, especially after an injury, is one of the hardest things ever. But listen to the doc and take your time getting back into training, girl! We don’t want you to be sidelined again! 🙂

  5. I am so glad to hear you are taking it easy and not doing lots of speed work. I’m also finding if I don’t run every day, more of my runs feel like the “good” runs, you know, the ones where you feel like you can keep on going…and going… and going…like the energizer bunny!

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