TiaRT: Camp

This week’s Running Lounge TiaRT question is from Lacey:

Imagine you are attending a week-long running camp. Where would it be? What would you do? Would there be classes? Bootcamps? Socials? I want to know all about the kinds of things that make up your ideal running-related week. No work, no obligations outside of camp,… for one week you can have it exactly your way! Tell me all about it!

Honestly, I would love to learn new techniques, taught by people who are experts in the field.  I would like people to help me with my form and help me become as efficient of runner as possible so I can run for the rest of my life.

I would like group runs, with varying paces.   Yoga workshops from noted authorities would be taught after runs so we can get a good stretching..  I want chances to try new gadgets and gear.  I don’t mind the idea of a “classroom” setting either, I’m all for learning new stuff.  Biomechanics, injury-prevention, running history… I like geeking out over that stuff.

I would like the camp far enough away to feel like a mini-getaway, but not so far that I have to travel tons to get there.  I anticipate feeling pleasantly worn down from working hard at the conclusion of camp, so I don’t want to face hours of driving or plane time.

And I think I don’t want to deal with my email at all during that time.  It would be nice to escape email completely for a few days… I rarely do that.

Oh… and there should be pancakes.

Speaking of camps, Marshall Ulrich’s Dreams in Action running camp is next week in Death Valley.  I wrote about this a while back… I still think it sounds cool.  (I’m not writing about it because I’ve been asked to, just think it sounds like an interesting program and would like them to have a successful camp.)


  1. yes!!! i love all of your ideas. i as well love “geeking out” over things like form and injury prevention (i think if you’ve ever been injured this is a big interest!!!), technique, etc. and would LOVE to attend yoga workshops as part of camp. great ideas!!!!!!! and pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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