Some Days You Feel It and Others?

Monday morning I had planned on an easy run. I got up early to run, drank a little bit of juice to give me a some energy and hit the road.

I just ignored my Garmin and ran with what felt like a super easy pace. When I finished and plugged in my Garmin I saw that my average pace was about 30 seconds faster per mile than what I should have been running at for my EZ run, based on things I learned in RRCA coaching certification. But even more interesting was my heart rate was about 20 beats lower than where the RRCA pulse-based tables indicate I should be at for a run that is less than 6 miles.

Now, I know there is leeway in those numbers and I’m more inclined to follow pace charts than HR anyway, but it would appear I was hardly even working! (Well, maybe not that extreme… but still!)

So Monday was a good running day, one of those days where you just “feel” the run.

Then yesterday I was supposed to run at Fleet Feet, like I typically do on Tuesday nights. All day I was just feeling a little off. Slightly dizzy, overwhelmed, just off. I had some moments of mounting stress at work, which made me start to feel angry at everything around me. And when the anger settles in I start to tense up, so all my muscles feel like they’re going to snap. Typically it might be a good formula for a run, I could blow off some steam. But the dizziness… that was one thing that threw a wrench in everything.

When my friend texted me and said he wouldn’t be running that night, I almost felt… relief. Like perhaps it would be okay if I took the night off. Sure, I still felt some lingering guilt because I feel like they expect me to be at the FF run each week, like I’m one of the constants in that activity. I even went upstairs to put on my running clothes, but I realized I just didn’t feel all that up to running.

So I didn’t go. I wussed out on my run last night.


  1. Sometimes you gotta listen to your body. Don’t beat yourself up- it’s being smart, not wussy!

  2. I agree you do need to listen to your body. Although I should not be talking. I injured myself in San Francisco because I thought it would be a good idea to start sight seeing right after the race. I literally took a shower and then was out the door in search of Starbucks and Whole foods (because I needed to eat a pb sandwich). I had an MRI on Friday and got the results yesterday. Thank goodness nothing is fractured, but my foot is overworked. I didn’t listen to my body and I have nobody to blame but myself. So don’t beat yourself up.

  3. You didn’t wuss out. You were smart. Good call on not running. I’m trying to explain the art of rest days to a friend of mine who’s training for TCM. She has been pushing herself too hard the last two days and her running partner and me have both been telling her to take a day off…not that she listens.

    So truly – kudos to you for following through on what your body was telling you. (And nice run the day before…I don’t follow HR’s that much either, much to the dismay of my trainer). 🙂

  4. For your first run you were going faster than you should have with a lower HR than you should have, that’s just awesome! And I think it’s good that you took a day off, everyone needs one once in a while…

  5. i have had that just plain “off” feeling lately too. don’t feel bad for resting, dizziness is not something to mess around with! especially in the vegas heat.

    it’s the runs like monday’s that keep us coming back for more!

  6. You should be proud for going so far as to putting your running stuff on. If you get that far, and you still decide not to run, then that tells me you made the right decision. I definitely wouldn’t call that wussing out!

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