Monday Motivation

Take a week off.


Last week it drove me nuts taking the week off. I know I was recovering from a good downhill thrashing, and aside from a short (very, very, very short) 2.3 miles on Thursday evening, the only thing I’d done all week was walking. It was purposeful, fitness-based walking every day (of course, sauntering through Target can count as a workout, right?!), but it wasn’t the same.

Each day I’d drive somewhere and it seemed like there were tons of people out running, far more than usual. Maybe my warped mind was compounding the number of people out running. Do you ever experience that, when you’re not running you notice EVERY runner and long to be out there as well?

By the time this morning rolled around, I was so set and pumped to get back into a routine. It made it so easy to jump out of bed and get going. I had my running clothes all set out the night before, ready and waiting.

I’m still trying to nail down what I’m doing in terms of races over the next little while, so my training schedule will need to be tweaked based on that.

But this week? I’m just running so that I feel more… complete.

And if you need another form of motivation…
Clif makes wines.
So now you can fuel up before your run with a Clif or Luna bar, consume Clif products during a run and finish off with a nice glass of Clif wine… if that’s your sort of thing. Take a look at their website, all those people in their racing gear downing Clif wine post-race. It must be a great recovery drink! 😉


  1. Clif wines? You’d think they were just made for me!!! I’m going to have to go searching for them now to do a review. LOL.

    Oh yeah…the noticing EVERY. SINGLE. RUNNER. when you’re not running? Story of my summer…I hear ya.

  2. LOL, seriously? Clif Wines? AMAZING! I’ll have to try it out! Afterall, if it’s a clif product, it MUST help my training/recovery, right? 🙂

    Also, I have SO been there with the entire world deciding to take up running when you’re forced to take time off! HA, or so it would seem . . . but seriously, it’s the worst!

  3. oh i’d die! i get grumpy once i hit 23 hours of no-running 🙂 i’m glad you survived and didn’t end up in the nuthouse.

    clif wine… sign me up!!

  4. I notice that a lot. Its really annoying to see the runners when injuries are forcing me to take a break. I have wondered if there are more people running or I just notice them more now that I run.

    Where do you buy Cliff Wines?

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