Running Headphones

It seems to pop-up from time to time on various running blogs and message boards, but everybody is always on the lookout for the perfect headphones to wear while running. I know I would love some headphones that sound good, don’t cut out when I sweat on them and don’t have a cord that I could wrap around my entire body a couple times.

Tiger Eyes earbuds from Jaybird Gear

I recently came across the website for Jaybird gear and they have a line of headphones that are designed for the athlete. I don’t have a pair of these and they seem kind of pricey, but they also look pretty cool.

There are 3 models:

  • Tiger Eyes: These are the cheapest in their line at $89. They include a built-in microphone and volume control so you can use them with your phone/music player.
  • Endorphin Rush: These ones are the next step up, at $99. They have a cord management clip to keep the cord secured behind your head and not flapping around everywhere.
  • Freedom: The fanciest in the line, these ones are bluetooth stereo headphones, so you can be cordfree, take calls and listen to your music. They’re also the priciest at $129-$159.

All of their products come with a lifetime warranty against sweat though. How’s that for a promise to athletes?!

Have any of you tried these? Would any of you pay that much for sport headphones?


  1. I wouldn’t pay that much for earphones! I’ve rarely had a problem with the earbuds I currently use ($15 from Target)… and I guess I don’t sweat enough to worry about shorting them out 😀

    (Although cordless would be nice… but still, not for $150)

  2. I have a pair that come from Costco (about $30,00). They were packaged as “sports headphones” and they’ve lasted pretty long. Before these, I would short out headphones right and left (ahahaha?).

    I run the cord down my shirt and sports bra. I can’t stand the cord flopping around either, but I usually wear my iPod on my waist somewhere and not on an armband (can’t stand those either).

  3. No way. I pay about 10-12 for mine, and they are made by Sony. Radioshack charges $12, you can get them for $10 at walmart. And every pair has lasted me for several months, and I sweat A TON. I wear my iPod on my waist like AKA Alice, and run mine up through my shirt too and that way it doesn’t get in my way. Mine go over the ear and come in black and blue.

  4. I use yurbuds for all of my runs. They never move or fall out and fit a lot more comfortably than some of the other headphones I’ve tried. They are little silicon adaptors that fit over Apple (or other similarily shaped) headphones and they make a world of difference. They are 19.99 for the adaptors, which sounded like a lot to me at first but they are custom fitted and have solved my running headphone woes, so well worth it in my book. Or your can get them the yurphones (yurbuds headphones) for 29.99
    I definitely recommend them. They should pay me to promote these things.

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