Apparel Review: New Balance Fun Run Short

As part of my prize to DC from New Balance, I was given New Balance apparel from their Lace up for the Cure collection*. Most of the items I received were more “lifestyle” wear as opposed to true running gear, but the running stuff I did get is pretty great. One item is soooo awesome, the Fun Run short. I am in love with these things so much that I had to go rave to my local Fleet Feet store. (They’re actually ordering some to sell in the store now.)

New Balance Fun Run short from the Lace up for the Cure collection

Anyway, the short has to be the most comfortable running short I’ve ever worn. EVER! I’m dead serious on this. They’re soft and lightweight and the inner brief is really comfy. I just want to keep using the word comfortable when writing this review, but it’s honestly the best word for these shorts. They’re very lightweight while on, which brings to mind a line from an episode of The Simpsons**… feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

They’ve got a unique inner key pocket which is worth noting. Most of the time the inner pocket on shorts kind of makes me wonder what the manufacturer thinks I’m going to be able to fit in there. Maybe some change or a couple bucks? My car key would be awkward in some of those, but then I have a big VW key so it’s a little different. Anyway, back to the subject matter… the pocket on the Fun Run short is located in the back and it’s wider/flatter than most. A credit card or ID would fit into the pocket very easily. And it’s not a flap-style pocket, the craftsmanship is of a higher level making it a flat slit inside between layers of material.

The waistband is also great, as it is a very soft elastic. The shorts have a 4″ inseam and I didn’t have any problems with them riding up when I wore them on a recent 10-mile run.

They’re made of wicking fabric, 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex. Standard care applies with washing, drying, no bleach… and you can iron them. Of course, I don’t know anyone who presses their running shorts. But it’s on the tag, it’s safe to do so if you really enjoy ironing.

They come in 3 different colors in the Lace up for the Cure collection (Graystone, Asphalt and Black) and 4 colors from their regular collection (Cherry Tomato, Spectrum Blue, Asphalt and Black).

I honestly loved these shorts. They’re kind of spendy (retailing at $39.99), but they’re so great I really think they’re worth the price. They just seem to be crafted better than most running shorts I’ve experienced.

NB Web Express store: Fun Run Short

*Yearly New Balance contributes 15% of wholesale sales from the Lace Up for the Cure® Apparel & Footwear Collection, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $500,000 up to a maximum of $1 million, to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

**Ned Flanders said that while wearing a skintight ski suit, making Homer have flashbacks of him saying the line repeatedly. Here’s a YouTube video that remixes that segment, so you get the gist. Truthfully, I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing “nothing at all”.

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