Gear (Semi-)Review: Sweat GUTR

For the athlete who has serious sweat issues, running in their eyes and soaking through sweatbands, the Sweat GUTR is designed for you. The Sweat GUTR channels sweat away from the eyes via their patented MicroLip technology.

It comes with 3 elastic closure loops to customize the size; for small, medium and large heads. Then the final fit is adjusted via velcro straps, making the band snug against the head. (Snug, but not tight!) The device is easy to clean, just hand wash with soap and water then allow it to dry. And it won’t get in the way of various helmets, hats and eye wear.

It all sounds nice, in theory. But there are problems. First, when you open the package the PVC material the band is constructed of stinks. Literally, it smells off when you open it; my husband actually cringed and said it smelled like a skunk. It does have a kind of “skunky” smell, but it’s also something else mixed in there… something unpleasant. I’m sure the smell would dissipate over time though.

The next problem, it just looks goofy. I realize that running success doesn’t come from a fashion statement and many of us do things that can make us look weird. I wear a hydration belt high around my waist that makes me look like I should be pulling off grenades and tossing them to the sides. I wear hats when I run even though I look weird in them and hate the way they bill restricts my vision, simply because they hold my hair out of my face. But this thing stretches the boundaries of goofiness, even for me.

While I would feel really awkward if I went for a run around my neighborhood wearing this thing, I have no qualms about posting pictures of myself wearing it on the web. I guess it’s easier because I have given you an explanation of what the product is and my feelings on actually wearing the thing. My neighbors wouldn’t receive that same preface.

As attractive as it is functional!
As attractive as it is functional! (Maybe I should have put some make-up on before taking this?)

I didn’t have the heart to actually wear this out in public to put it to a running test. I don’t really have problems with sweat running into my eyes that often anyway. And I will acknowledge that the pictures on the packaging of the Sweat GUTR paired with a bike helmet didn’t look nearly as strange. And if you look at their web site, you’ll notice photos of Matthew McConaughey wearing one and he doesn’t look that bad!

It retails for $19.99, so it’s not a terribly expensive investment. My friends at the local Fleet Feet store gave me this to test and write about here on the site. Really, I think they gave it to me because they wanted to see if I would actually do something with it because they found it to be an amusing product. Well, if there’s anything I’m not afraid of, it’s embarrassing myself on the internet.*

*Okay, I’m a little afraid of embarrassing myself on the web. That’s why you will never see a video of me doing the truffle-shuffle on YouTube or anything like that.


  1. You know I sweat a lot, but I still don’t think you’ll catch me, alive or dead, wearing that thing! Girl, I am so impressed with your being strong enough to wear that thing on the internet! You’re cracking me up!

    And I may smell while working out, but I think it’s not as bad as a skunk. My husband may say otherwise. LOL.

    • Terri: For some reason, self-mockery online comes easy to me! And yeah, at least a sweat smell after workout is kind of um… natural? Skunk, not as much.

  2. I bought a GUTR for my husband a couple of years back because he had a couple of friends using it. He also chuckled a bit, but he’s a big fan now. He uses it mostly for bicycling and running, but also uses it for yard work (that is when he does it). I’m not a sweater, but for those that are, it seems like a great deal.

    • Linda: Thanks for offering your perspective. Like I said, I guess if it helps solve a problem for someone it’s probably worth it. However, in my case it was a no-go!

  3. Yes, it’s for people that people that really sweat, but I will say that his didn’t smell. Maybe yours was new from the factory?? I bought some running shoes once that had somewhat of a strong odor out of the box, but after one run, they were good. I checked out the McConaughey pic on their site…thanks for that! Looks like he’s wearing the smoke color product.

  4. Jill- Hey I was just wondering if you’d tried running with this product recently? I got one and when I ran with a visor the gutr wasn’t as noticeable?

    But yea, definetly a product for more heavy sweaters. I will say I didn’t have to wipe my forehead as I usually do, but I don’t sweat waterfalls!

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