It’s a Brand New Year…

…and I don’t think I have any major fitness resolutions for this year!

It seems weird to think that way, but I really don’t have any major goals. I think my biggest goal (and this will be a big challenge for me) is to just listen to my body and do what makes me feel best. That means: paying attention to how running is affecting my system (joints, digestion, etc.), monitoring my nutrition needs better, getting appropriate rest, learning to relax more, listening for and addressing internal cues. It seems so basic, yet it’s kind of a tall order for me. I’m used to just pushing on and on and on; no stopping, no matter what!

Racing in 2009? I’m not entirely sure what I want to do in that regard either. I’m running a half-marathon on January 3. Then I’m doing the PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon on January 18. I don’t have any other races firmly placed in my Google Calendar. I’m debating doing a couple local half-marathons in March and April. I would love to do the new Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon. But really I’m just going to have to play things by ear and see what my schedule/life allows me to accomplish. I would like to buy a new house this year if possible, so that may mean keeping race travel close to home and fewer entries into races. I love racing, it gives me a goal and something to anticipate. But sometimes you just have to relinquish a little control and tackle life as each new day comes at you. in 2009? I would love to secure more giveaways from various merchants, those are fun and to have the chance to give something back to those of you who support me is gratifying. I plan to keep researching new products, I love finding innovative gear/gadgets and especially like featuring small start-up companies. I would like to do more reviews. Plus I think I would like to come up with a few new regular features; I’m thinking something like “Monday Motivation” or fun items like that. Mainly I just want to keep writing, so I hope all of you will keep indulging me!

Overall, I just want 2009 to be happy and healthy. And I want the same things for all of you. Happy New Year!


  1. I was trying to get a “Mondays Motivating Image” email going at my work, I need to get back into that when i get back. I love your blog, I think it’s been absolutely great this year, and I love how you’re checking out all of these new products. I tried in my last review to be even-handled like you always are, giving the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    And good luck on getting a house this year – this is definitely the time to do it, especially if you are a first-time home buyer! This is defnitely the lower end of the market, not the higher like when Bill and I bought!

    Happy New Year to you too Jill.

  2. Terri: I wish I was a first-time buyer, at least for this market! My husband and I bought our current house 3.5 years ago, right before the Vegas market really peaked! Selling won’t be great, but since we’re realizing we are going to be settled here for a long time, we wanted to get into a more ideal home while the prices are lower!

    Your review was great. I thought you did a good job of being balanced. Reviews that are overly-gushy are kind of questionable anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I was going to say (but you already said it) maybe focus on some half marathons that don’t require a ton of time and travel (and thus, expense). Now that I’ve experienced the rigors of marathon training (the time commitment AND what it does to the body) I realize how much easier it would be to keep up half marathon training (you know, running for 2 – 2 1/2 hours as opposed to 4-5!!) 13 miles is still a respectable distance (says the girl that craps out at mile 12 ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    By focusing on shorter races, you could take it as an opportunity to enhance your skills and increase speed. My old friend Cheryl has been working a program with Nike (the name escapes me) where she runs with a group as they all strive to master an 8 minute pace. It’s beyond challenging, but it has really helped her running…and she loves blasting through a race at that pace!

    I really like your reviews! You do a great job of finding interesting products before they find you. You write balanced reviews that have been really helpful!

  4. Sounds like some great resolutions. I am like you and just go go go. I’m on the look out for some nice short trail races which are fun and easy to train for!

    Can’t wait to hear how your year goes.

  5. Staying healthy is an excellent goal, and listening to your body is the key. Good luck with your 2009 races. I look forward to reading the reports, and the product reviews.

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