At the Expo

Today I went back to the expo for a little while. Some of my friends arrived late last night, so we went back with them.

The expo was pretty packed today. I am glad I had more time to explore yesterday. I really enjoy visiting the booths for smaller, newer companies that are coming up with interesting products. These start-ups really need to embrace bloggers and social media as there is so much potential for low-cost, high results marketing in that arena. I talked to a couple companies and I will write about some of them more comprehensively later. I am hoping to work with some of them to incorporate some giveaways here on the site.

Right now I am trying to take care of some email and web things while resting, before heading to the pasta party. I will probably write next after the big race!

Wish me luck!


  1. Jill…..GOOD LUCK and kick some butt!! Have a great time at the pasta party and have a wonderful run tomorrow!!! Enjoy, yak epics and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!!

  2. Jill, I have been up to my eyeballs (as noted by over 100 unread posts in my Google Reader), and haven’t had a chance to post a shout out to you this week.

    GOOD LUCK!! I will definitely be thinking about you tomorrow. You have been so good with your training, just try to enjoy the ride.

    I’ll repeat my words of advice to you that a friend shared with me (although you have trained for twice as many marathons as I have *wink*)
    *say hi and thank the volunteers
    *chat with at least one stranger
    *pass people during the last mile
    *smile for the camera
    *have fun!!!!

  3. GOOD LUCK JILL!!!!!! We’re watching your live stats online. You’re doing AWESOME! We’re cheering for you in UTAH!!!!

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