TNT Group Run #21 – The Final One

We met at 7:00 AM at Desert Breeze Park for our final Team In Training group run this season. I guess it kind of makes sense, our very first run of the season was at Desert Breeze. Although, that first run was only 5 miles and had nearly 5 times as many people there.

Our little group of 5 set out for an 8-mile run today. It seemed really weird to have the run be so short, it wasn’t even in double-digit territory! It was in the mid-50’s when we started, so I debated leaving my jacket on but I knew I wouldn’t want it once we got going. I just used my handheld Amphipod today because I didn’t want to wear a belt hydration pack. I have a new wound on my lower back that was picked up from wearing my Nike running capris on Tuesday night. Remind me to throw those things away… they cause wounds every time I wear them. In fact, after evaluating things and running several times with them, I’ve come to the conclusion the Nike capris were the problem on that first 18 mile run.

The run was nothing exceptional and was nothing bad, just another run. I think all of us were a little tired as we had several quiet moments during the run. But after finishing we couldn’t stop talking. Making plans to go to dinner once this week before we fly out, corrals at the race, the expo, flight arrangements, everything. It’s so close now and it feels like there are so many things we need to figure out in these final, short days.

This week will be strange. Our runs are all short and are not supposed to be very intense. The taper period is to allow all of our muscles to recover so we are fresh on race day. I guess it also gives us more time to prepare for the race mentally. (Or more time to stress and worry about things, as is typically the case with me…)

Wow… we’re in the final countdown now! The race is one week from tomorrow!


  1. It’s the final countdown!! I have that song in my head now. Sheesh…

    This is an exciting week. I love the week before a race…planning, packing, prepping…even though I get an overload of stress because I don’t want to forget anything, am I really prepared, what time does it start again? 🙂

    So exciting. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Awesome! One week! You’re going to do great!!! And mid 50 running weatehr-how glorious! Perfect running weather.

    You are going to have a great race!!

  3. ~moe~: Yeah, I had that song in my head as I wrote that! 🙂 Sorry for putting it in yours too…

    LVGurl: I am flipping back and forth between thinking of times, and thinking of my original goal: “Finish feeling good!”. I’m so excited though. It will be awesome to be able to be at the PF Chang’s race as you complete your first marathon in a couple months!

    Penny: It has been great running weather. I hope the weather in San Antonio treats me well!

    Becky: There will definitely be a report. Good luck on your upcoming bike race, that’s huge too!

    Rachel: Thanks for the advice, I need the reminder to get a lot of rest this week!

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