Another Nike Women’s Marathon Update

Arien O’Connell, the woman with the fastest time at the recent Nike Women’s Marathon who wasn’t the winner because she didn’t run with the elites… has received recognition from Reebok. Apparently Reebok gave her a trophy, free running shoes, free t-shirts and a donation to the school where she is a teacher. Read the full article.

Also, ~moe~ has bestowed a blogging award upon my site. Here’s what she said about my site and why she was awarding this to me:
“total running blogger so I love her blog. I found her via Bethany so that makes her doubly cool. Jill is also a fellow marathoner and is a training maniac. I hope I can channel her energy over the next few weeks.”
Thanks ~moe~!

As a recipient of this award I’m supposed to list 6 things that make me happy. After that I pick 6 bloggers to receive this award as well.

Things that make me happy:
1. Eating at new and unique restaurants. Even if my food isn’t tasty, it’s still fun to try something different.
2. Running & yoga. These are two things that I’ve come to need and crave in my life. And they’re so complementary, they really work in sync with one another.
3. New running gear and toys. I love getting new stuff and trying it out. I would love to have new things all the time so I could write reviews and share my finds with everyone via my site.
4. Movie night with my husband. It’s one of the highlights of my week. We’re so busy with work that it is the one time we can always count on to just chill with each other.
5. Being pampered. I don’t do these things as often as I should; but when I get a haircut, a pedicure, a massage… I feel like a new person.
6. Family… I have an awesome family. My parents rock, my brother is awesome, my extended family is always there for me, I’ve got great in-laws and my husband is DA BOMB! Seriously, I am a lucky gal.

Now, to pass the award on:
1. Alissa
Alissa has overcome some challenges that are very similar to things I’ve experienced, so I feel like she’s a kindred spirit in many ways. Plus, she has managed to get through marathon training in the desert, summer heat, like me!
2. Chris
Chris has been very supportive of me during my fundraising efforts, even helping to spread the word on his own site. He’s pretty inspiring too because he somehow manages to squeeze in running with all of his business travel.
3. Jenn
Jenn has a great sense of humor, she and her husband Mike have both given me some great encouragement. She’s got Chicago ’09 on her training plan now, I know she can do it!
4. Lisa
Lisa gives me hope that you can balance running, fitness and family. She’s got a great outlook on all those items, truly someone that I admire.
5. Rachel
Rachel has got me beat in that she’s just 23 and is a lot better about taking care of herself than I was at that age. She’s got a job (maybe two soon!) and graduate school on her plate, but she still fits in her workouts whenever possible.
6. Terri
Terri’s site may say she’s the “Middle-of-the-Pack Girl”, but she’s always on top of music recommendations, books, stories and encouragement. Plus, how can I not love someone that works in libraries? I worked in a library for many years and definitely have a fondness for them still!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my report on my very last team training of the season!


  1. Ah, why, thank you very much! I am very flattered, I will have to take some time with this and think of 6 others to bestow this award on, while running my half-marathon this weekend!

    I smiled when I read your comment on my blog about you and your husband sitting next to each other with laptops out. That happens here at our house too, or I have my laptop out, while Bill’s watching TV or reading a book.

    By the way, I see you have your blog through How do you get images to show up in the side columns? Maybe it’s my template but it never seems to work for me. Is there some funky thing you have to do with your code? I don’t like how boring my blog looks, at all. The only thing I like anymore is the picture at the very top.

  2. I’m flattered Jill! Thank you! I’ve been away from the computer most of the weekend which is why I haven’t responded until now. If there is a rule against passing along the award to the person who gave it to you, I will probably have to ignore it because you are definitely on my top blog list. Hopefully I will have a chance to blog it soon!

    Oh and I think that is so funny that Reebok did that. Really makes Nike look bad but that’s what they get!

  3. tgorourke: I know I wrote back to you, but I thought I would just mention it here on the site in case anyone else on WordPress was wondering… I use the text widget with the HTML code I want to display hand-coded in that.

    Chris: Yeah, it does make Nike look dumb. And you’re welcome!

    Alissa: If you give it back to me, I’m sure that’s fine. Thank you for thinking so favorably of my site!

    BethT: Yeah, I did see that Nike tried to repair the damage. I had that addendum on my original post about the whole debacle:
    Elite To Win
    I guess it’s nice that they made the attempt! Too bad the egg was already on their face…

  4. Jill,

    Thank you!! I apologize I’ve been neglecting on my blogging duties lately but I thank you for the honor! I always find great information from your blog and I value the network we all have setup here! (And all of the great running news topics you provide us here). Sometimes I don’t get around to checking up on news in the running world and it is great that you’ve found those articles and shared with us.


  5. Rachel: Thanks, I’m glad you’ve found something useful here. As I started writing this site I found I really enjoyed keeping up with news and reviews. I hope to keep expanding that information!

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