Unwind on the Run

I’ve been stressing a lot this week. Between having painters in my home for a few days, work projects, appliances and tile breaking in my home and dealing with this all on my own while my husband is out of town, I have felt the pressure mounting. Today it was just getting to be too much. I felt like I hated everything around me; my job, my home… Ugh!

And for a moment I even let that stress tempt me to skip my run today. Since I was in a funk I was convincing myself, “You don’t need to run. Just skip it today.” But I got into my running clothes after work, knowing that once I had taken that step I would make it out the door to run.

I guess that stress needed to burn itself off and the run was the perfect way to accomplish that. I ran pretty fast for the first part of my run. My first mile was a 7-minute mile! (Well, 7:11… but we don’t have to be EXACT do we? We do? Okay, it was 7:11!) My second mile was an 8:15. I didn’t realize I was running that fast until I got toward the end of my 5+ miles and realized I was finishing the route in less time than it took on Monday.

I still feel a little anxiety, but the run helped me sort things out and get my head on straight. (or straighter… I may still be a little off! I am kind of cuckoo!) I have an appliance repairman coming tomorrow so he can fix my dishwasher and stove (why does everything have to break at the same time?). I’ll do a good yoga practice tomorrow, that will help stretch me out and relax me as well.


What are your stress reduction techniques?


  1. I think my stress was mounting from TOO MUCH alone time! 🙂

    Our coaches may not think my fast running was good, since technically I’m tapering… but I needed it. I couldn’t maintain that pace for an entire marathon, but for 50 minutes tonight it worked. Maybe someday I will be able to run an entire 26.2 that quickly!

  2. My stress reduction technique seems to be the same as yours, run, run run. Monday night I was feeling really stressed, so I went out running at 9:30pm, I slept like a baby after that!!

  3. My stress reduction has been to run, and to eat some chocolate, and also to find a really good book to read. If it’s non-fiction to find a bio that makes me feel inspired. sometimes fiction is great to just help you escape from the world.

    I also talk to a good friend, or my sister, or brother, and try to get their take on things. My sister is great for helping me to stay on an even cool, or to tell me that I am not “losing it.”

    What I would give for your speed!

  4. isshino: I almost got out of bed to go running when I couldn’t sleep the other day, but I decided it would be silly to run at 3 AM. 🙂 But you’re right, it does help clear the head so sleep comes a little easier.

    tgorourke: I don’t have that speed all the time. I credit the speed on this run to anger and frustration. Most of the time I’m averaging 9:30-10:00 minute miles.

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