NYC Marathon

Those of you who aren’t runners probably didn’t really care about the NYC Marathon this weekend, but I enjoyed following along as the race progressed.

Paula Radcliffe won the women’s race with a time of 2:23:56. She is really inspiring and I’d still like to pick up her book sometime. The woman can just fly down a course, I can’t even imagine moving at speeds like she does. I watched a little bit of the live feed and seeing the elite runners move is quite incredible. Kara Goucher came in third, her first marathon ever. Of course, she’s an Olympic distance runner so she’s got some skill over Jane-the-First-Time-Marathoner, but it’s still an impressive debut.

Actor Ryan Reynolds was running the race to raise money for Parkinson’s disease. He has been quoted as saying how difficult he finds running and how isn’t a very good runner. But the dude finished in 3:50:22! That’s a damn respectable time!

One of the coaches for the PF Chang’s TNT group here in Vegas ran the NYC Marathon as well. She finished in 5:05:02. It was fun to see her time unfold as well.

The marathon had a great website where you could track entrants and see their times as they passed certain checkpoints on the course. I love when marathons are on top of their stats!


  1. My friend Jeanne has been trying to get into the NY marathon for the last few years and has yet to make it. She’s going to try again next year. I really hope she gets in because it’d be so fun to follow her run.

    Paula is amazing. I, too, can’t even fathom how to run as fast as she or Deena do. It’s incredible. I’m stoked when I run an under 11 minute mile, so that should tell you something.

  2. I’ve run the NYC marathon-it’s awesome!!!! I watched it while I was working yesterday on a little tv-everyone I was working with thought I was nuts and couldn’t believe that I was talking about running for longer than 30 seconds!!! Oh well…..they don’t like to run!

  3. ~moe~: I get frustrated with my pace sometimes, especially when I compare myself to others or if I’ve had several good runs and then experience a slower one. I guess I can look at Paula & Deena as inspiration but always remember to “run my own race”.

    Penny: That’s really cool that you’ve run the NYC marathon. We runners are a little odd in that we can talk about something that others see no point in discussing. But then, I feel that same way when people talk about scrapbooking or something like that! To each their own! 🙂

    Chris: Gee… don’t hold it in or anything. 😉 I might hate him a little bit just because of his performance in this, since he was talking about how much he hated the training and then gets out there and flies along at speeds I certainly can’t match! Okay, not hate… but there is definitely envy.

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