Let’s Have a Throwdown

If you recall, on August 3 I had a post where I reviewed Chill Towels, since the company sponsored our Tuesday Night run at Fleet Feet Sports. There were several comments from people that seemed legitimately interested in learning about the product. But there were also a few other comments from people that touted Frosty Towels as a superior product.

If that is a true statement, great… The problem I have with this is that each of those comments was left from supposedly different people, each with a different name, but all of those comments used the Frosty Towels website as their URL. Another company, CompetiTowel, did the same thing in a comment as well. It appears they are using my blog as a form of guerrilla marketing to farm more links to their site, more mentions of their brand in search engines.

The folks at Chill Towels contacted me and pointed out that they are not afraid of a little competition, but that the other companies seem to be using my blog for self-promotion without asking. And frankly, that’s not something I support.

So here’s what I propose…
Frosty Towels & CompetiTowel… provide some kind of compensation to my fundraising for the advertising you’ve done on my site AND/OR provide samples of your product for me to distribute at a Tuesday Night Fun Run at our Fleet Feet store for myself and others to sample.

If these companies don’t respond, I will be removing all of the comments from the original Chill Towels review. I don’t want my site or my writing used that way. There are more socially acceptable ways to garner PR through blogs and social media.


  1. Yeah, that is pretty weak. Don’t think I will be using Frosty Towels or CompetiTowels anytime soon. Would have been different if they simply identified themselves and made their case.

  2. Hi Jill,

    Thank you for sending us your inquiry and giving us the opportunity to introduce our company and product to you and your readers. When we first read the thread that focused on reviewing a fitness towel, it appeared to be an informational forum discussing useful tools that aid runners in their training efforts. We saw several other companies and products mentioned in that thread and could not locate any policies on your blog asking people to refrain from posting URL’s. The note we left in the thread was informational for the readers of your blog to point out other products on the market.

    You’ll be happy to know that CompetiTowel has been created by a fellow female athlete who grew tired of using towels that had to be stuffed in your clothes or paper towels that really don’t help manage sweat. C.Towel is a hand’s free workout accessory designed for athletes of all ability levels. Whether you exercise outdoors or in a gym, this featherlight towel with a rotating, retractable device is ready when you are. Simply clip to your workout clothing, fuel belt, or racebelt and get moving. We are so confident that runners in your local group and readers of your blog will see the value of having an effective training accessory that we are prepared to answer your challenge and help a great cause at the same time in supporting TNT.

    Our idea is simple and can be up and making fundraising money this weekend with very little stress on your part. We have set up a Promotion Code that your users can enter at the time of checkout on our website. For every order that we fill between now and the end of 2008, West Coast Fitness Products will donate $1 to your TNT fundraising effort.

    We admire your passion and dedication to training and think we can create real value for your readers and Team in Training. The Promo Code is set up and ready to go as soon as you are.

    Jay & Nikki
    Founders, West Coast Fitness Products

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