Even Pace

After forgetting my Nike+ on Tuesday, I made absolutely certain to have it for this morning’s run. For some silly reason, I was especially pleased when I plugged it in after this morning’s run to see this sight:

Nike+ Even Pace

Look how well I did at keeping a steady even pace! Yes, I am a dork…

Check out Alissa’s blog, Balancing Act… she has a lovely post today inspired by my headphone whining yesterday with a cute illustration on how to thread the cord to keep it tangle free. Now I just need to get a pair of Nike+ shorts with the built in iPod pocket!

I’m going to Diva Night at our local Fleet Feet store tonight. Should be a good time: freebies, prizes, mini-spa services, bra fit clinic and refreshments! Woo Hoo! (Sorry husband, the night is yours alone. I’m sure you’re heartbroken at the thought of playing football on the X-Box in peace, huh?)


  1. My cord is pretty long, I admit, but I wear them in a case that clips onto my shorts. In a way it kind of helps when I hold onto them – reminds me that I don’t want to have my hands up too close to my shoulders. But if you clip yours onto your arm, I could see how that’s a pain in the butt!

  2. Wifey won an Ironman watch at our Fleet Feet’s Diva night. Moving Comfort was doing a sports bra demo and it turns out she had the oldest sports bra’s in the room. And no, I wasn’t there.

  3. tgorourke: Your iPod clips to your shorts? Like Alissa’s post, maybe I need to look at positioning my iPod in a different place.

    Chris: Our store is still pretty new… they didn’t have fancy giveaways like an Ironman watch. Maybe in future years they’ll have that kind of stuff!

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