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During Monday’s run doing speed intervals on the treadmill, there was one moment that kind of stunk. The right earbud on my headphones died, it was a weird sensation of suddenly losing hearing in that ear. So now I have to find new headphones. Unfortunately, many headphones drive me nuts when working out. A lot of them have 4-foot cords. Why? That’s just 1 foot and 5 inches less than my entire height. Considering the cord just has to go from my arm to my head, that leaves a lot of excess to wind around or jam under the strap on my arm band. Plus, when I’m running outside or with friends, I often just leave one earbud in (the right earbud!) and the other one out. I like to be able to hear my surroundings or hear conversations with other people. So if anyone has a recommendation for a great pair of workout headphones, please leave them for me in the comments!

Tuesday Night Fun Run:
I went to the usual fun run hosted by our local Fleet Feet store last night. I love this run purely for the social aspect it provides. When I got on the freeway I suddenly realized that I forgot my Nike+. That bummed me out, I have a compulsive need to keep a log of all my runs. I just had to resign myself that I wouldn’t get to post these miles to my online account. Clouds were rolling in, the winds were picking up, and raindrops were beginning to hit my windshield as I drove. It looked like the run might be in a storm, but that didn’t really happen. The rain stopped and the winds calmed a little. My friends were all there for the run and we started out on the path. For some reason, the whole run felt hard on me. I felt like a slug, like I was dragging and slogging through mud. My lungs were having a hard time functioning the whole time and I wanted to stop for much of the run. But I didn’t let that negative thinking stop me. I just kept repeating to myself, “You are stronger than this.” And I did the whole run and felt good about finishing. Of course, my mind was a little bit shot at the end as well. I had a slight panic attack when I thought I had lost my car key on the run, fearing I’d have to beg everybody to go around the whole loop with me to look for it… only to realize it was IN MY HAND. Sheesh… I drove straight home and replenished with chocolate soy milk, some scrambled eggs, and leftover lentil sloppy joe filling I made the other night.

Hundred Push-Up Challenge:
I have not been feeling the love for this challenge lately. It just seemed like I maxed out at Week 5 and couldn’t progress. That left me frustrated and apathetic toward the whole thing. But last night I received an e-mail from the creators of the challenge saying that after receiving a lot of feedback about the incremental jumps being too difficult, they’ve retooled the challenge to make it more effective. So here’s my decision on the challenge: I’m going to give it a rest for a week or two. Then I’m going to start the whole thing over with the new program. I’m going to focus on form in the early weeks since I’ve already built up a fair amount of strength. Hopefully that will make the later weeks easier.


  1. I like the regular head apple earbuds that come with the ipod. I have to replace mine every 6 months or so. I get them at the apple store for about 30 bucks. Kinda expensive but the sound is great. The ones I have right now are getting ready to go. The white rubber casing that protects the wires is broken in several places and they are all patched up with electrical tape. BUT I have lost sound in one ear bud twice only to have it come back the next time I try them. Its always on a really sweaty run. I think some of the sweat gets in there and shorts it out. But once it drys out it works again. You might just test it before you throw those out.

    Also have you tried threading the cord down the backside of your bra? Most of the time I wear shorts or a skirt that have an ipod pocket so the cord comes out from the bottom of my shirt, but even with an arm band I thread it down there and back up again because it keeps the cord out of the way. A runner friend taught me how to do it a few years ago and I could never go back to having the cord outside my shirt. Hmmm you got me thinking. I should draw a diagram and post it on my blog!

  2. Alissa: My headphones were just the standard apple earbuds too. I’ll pull them out tomorrow and see if a good drying time helps!

    And please… post on your site about this cord looping method. I would love to read that!

  3. Well I don’t run, but I would like to take this opportunity to beg for sympathy, vent, and rant using a play-on-words. So, heads up people…

    Today I have has a case of the runs, and I can’t figure out what caused it. Was it the Lucky Charms I had for breakfast, or the left over milk in the bowl I chugged afteward? I am not lactose intolerant.

    Perhaps it was the runny sour cream I devoured with my Rubios chicken queso at lunch yesterday. Freeman, you saw me try to blot up the fluids with the measley napkins they give you.

    It may have even been the day old mandarin chicken and chow mein from Panda Express I noshed on for din-din ‘lass-ni’ (Last night for you slow thinkers LOL).

    Seriously it has been painful to the senses. The toilet groaned like a Parkay butter dish begging for a courtesy flush during several of the incidents. It was almost like that scene in “Dumb and Dumber”, but with a “Groundhogs Day” tone.

    Let’s leave it at that. Especially since this is not Matt’s Digusting Body BLOG page.


    I apologize I abused your site for the sake of pity, but the typing has kept my mind off of the cramping. I am actually starting to feel a lot better now.

    Perhaps I’ll attempt some food from the BRAT menu. (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast for those of you unfamiliar with a pediatrician’s advice.)

    Please don’t send me into cyberspace exile for this introductory BLOG stunt I used as a distraction for my selfish discomfort. I’ll refrain from potty-humor in future texts. I PROMISE.

  4. Matty Fatty: That has to be the weirdest comment I’ve ever received in all my years of blogging. Honestly, I don’t know whether I should delete it, or send it into some kind of commenters hall of fame (shame). šŸ˜‰ What on earth was that about?

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