To Run or Not To Run

I did my usual thing for Tuesday nights, met at our local Fleet Feet store for the fun run they sponsor one day a week. Some weeks the run is sponsored, but this week it was just an opportunity to get out for some friendly running. My pal Jim and I ran together, Melinda had other plans. It was fun to just chat with him and get to know each other better. We kind of cheated a little though. We were supposed to run 40 minutes according to our TNT schedule, but we finished two laps around the soccer complex (the usual running route for this activity) after 34 minutes and we just wrapped up then.

My knee felt a little twingy a couple times during the run and today I was experiencing some tightness. I talked to my doctor and she said that she recommends just taking tomorrow off; relaxing a little, icing a little. She said that I’ve probably just been letting work stress get to me, as my muscles all over my body were feeling tense and knotted up.

But I’m having a really hard time with the idea of skipping a day on my training schedule. I haven’t done that yet in this training and I don’t want to start now. My knee is feeling pretty good right now after a good icing. I think I’ll prop it up and rest for the evening; see how I feel in the morning. I need the run for my mental clarity so I don’t want to skip it!

Hundred Push-up Challenge:
Week 5, Day 2: 15, 15, 14, 14, 12, 12, 10, 35 = 127
I’m feeling a little burnt out on the push-ups. But I did manage to do more push-ups in the final set than I’ve done in other days. (The most I’ve ever done in a row is 45, but that was starting fresh, not after I’ve already done 90+ push-ups.)


  1. I’m also having knee problems! Is your “twinge” on the outside or inside edge of your knee? Mine is on the outside of my right knee and gets especially twingey when I run down hill. I guess this issue has a name – runner’s knee? Annoying, to say the least.

  2. BethT: I have had problems with chondromalacia patella syndrome (aka runner’s knee) since I was about 14. I had surgery at age 17. But my knee has felt really good as long as I wear knee straps and I keep all of the supporting muscle groups stretched and strengthened. But yeah, it is annoying. For me, the pain is mainly under the knee cap.

  3. Don’t feel bad about taking today off. Are you doing 20 miles on saturday? If you are I would definitely take two days off to give your body some time to rebuild before you tear it back down again. If you haven’t missed a scheduled TNT run yet, you definitely can afford the extra day. They assume when they make those schedules that people will take an extra day off or two here and there. My 20 miler isn’t until a week from Saturday. If it was this weekend, I would be taking today and tomorrow off. My legs are tired right now and there is no way I’d make it to 20 with these heavy legs.

  4. ps – BethT – pain on the outside of the knee is a sign of IT band syndrome. Google IT band stretches and then do them every day and your pain should clear up!

  5. Alissa: I’m not entirely sure how much distance we’re covering. Part of my TNT group is training for the Nike Women’s Marathon and part of us (me included) are doing the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll. The races are nearly a month apart. We’ve been on the same training schedule thus far, but I think we’ve got to deviate at some point. So I’m either running 13 miles this weekend or 18. Not entirely sure.

    I don’t know why I am beating myself up over the thought of missing a run. I guess it’s those compulsive tendencies coming in to play. Logically I know that it’s okay to take some time off, but emotionally I am berating myself. It’s ridiculous because I would never think less of someone else for taking an extra rest day every now and then. (I think I ever encouraged you when you have done that.) Somehow I can’t give myself that same respect!

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