TNT Group Run #13

This week’s run was a fall back week, meaning we only had to run 12 miles. It’s kind of funny to be at a point where I say 12 miles is an “only” distance.

It was fun to have the whole crew back together. There is a regular group that has been keeping pace with one another on all of our TNT runs this season. We’ve had several weeks lately where a few people have been missing, last week 50% of our regular group was gone! But this week, we were all out on the course and it was great to have that camaraderie back.

My good pal Melinda surprised me with a pair of Injinji socks today too. So now I get to try toe socks in an attempt to keep my toes from igniting halfway through long runs. And the coolest thing about the socks? They’re green! I guess that’s a new color offering from the company? True, they don’t match anything else, but that doesn’t really matter. That little burst of color is fun! Plus, as Melinda put it, “Green is the new Black.” We need to get our entire group in green socks, it would be funny.

All in all, today’s run was nothing exceptionally exciting or boring. The 12 miles felt pretty good, we had a good pace going throughout and nobody got hurt or sick. And I guess that makes it a successful run, huh?

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