TNT Group Run #12

This week we had 15 miles on the schedule. And I was a little nervous about this run. Not so much the distance, but more the location. Our run was scheduled for Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, just outside of Las Vegas.

We received a few different e-mails from our coaches telling us how important this training run was and that all of us should really make an effort to be there. When I got there in the morning one of the coaches talked to me one-on-one and said, “How are your knees? I want you to make sure you take it really slow today. There are a lot of steep hills, up and down. Just take your time.”

Then they addressed the group, telling us that there were three really big athletic achievements in our training: 1) Completing the marathon, 2) Completing our 20-miler and 3) Completing Red Rock. Then the whole group got the lecture about staying slow and protecting ourselves from this tough course. And before we were sent on our way they asked, “Any questions, any fears?”

Yep, I think you’ve just instilled the fear in all of us!

And to be honest, it was a tough run. The hills were hard; steep inclines and rough downhill slopes. Seven miles in I was thinking, “This is too hard. I want to stop.” But I realized that, honestly, I could do it physically. Stopping would just be cheating myself, I wasn’t struggling THAT much. There were good things too: it was also slightly cooler than the city temps and it was beautiful outside.

Red Rock morning run

At the end, I felt FREAKIN’ AWESOME! My teammates told me that I earned the right to gloat on here, saying that I ran it really well. They wanted to know what I was on and where they could get some! 😉 I’m too modest to say that I kicked the crap out of this run though. (Or, maybe I’m not….)

I got in my car and started driving home, only to feel compelled to let out a huge “Woooooo!” I felt that awesome. And I walked into my house grinning like a drunken fool, I was on a high and I didn’t want to come down.

I loved, loved, loved that run.


  1. Yep…you’re awesome! I’m so happy that I was there to witness (even if if it was my butt you wre kicking)!

    Love ya Jill!

  2. Good work!!!!!

    I was there yesterday, biking that mofo! We met up with the remnants of the team at the end. My first question was WHERE’S JILL???

    After biking the entire loop, I have to say… the thought of running it scares me! That’s a long way on foot!

  3. Wow that is a gorgeous place to run – oh my god! So different from where I run, you would not believe it!

    That is ABSOLUTELY wonderful – I am so glad for you that you ran that well. You do deserve to gloat!!

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