Tuesday Night Fun Run

On Tuesday nights I meet a group of friends at our local Fleet Feet store and participate in the weekly ‘fun run’ sponsored by the store. (I LOVE FLEET FEET!) Normally I wouldn’t choose to go run in this heat, I much prefer waking at 4:00 AM to run in the cooler morning temps than running in weather that is over 100 (it was 109° tonight), but I NEED the social time that comes from these runs. So I make it a point to go each week. This usually means that dinner plans become “fend for yourself” night, but I don’t think the husband minds because he usually gets in a workout and plays video games while I’m gone.

Tonight’s run felt really, really uncomfortably hot. We did about 3.6 miles and I was getting ready to call it quits at several points. My friend Melinda smoked us, but Jim and I plodded along and we actually made pretty good time. The whole run took about 35 minutes. Pretty good considering there was not even a slight breeze in the air. (Vegas is always windy, how was it not breezy out?)

Chill Towels sponsored our run tonight, so we all got a free Chill Towel. And even though it was hotter than Hades, I didn’t use my towel tonight. I want to try it on Saturday, when I have a long run to really put it to the test. I’ll post a review about it after that run.

The owner of Fleet Feet was saying he thought he should get some other companies to sponsor our runs. He was going to look into Hammer Nutrition. That would be interesting if he could get them and if they would cough up some Endurolytes for us, I wouldn’t mind trying those. I love trying new running gear/food/gadgets/etc.

Now I need to go shower, I’m all covered in a salty crust. Yuck.


  1. BEG for the endurolytes, you will be so glad you did! To me they make such a difference, it’s amazing. My running partner can actually see when they kick in…

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