Group Run #7

In our training program we build on our long run mileage for 3 weeks and then we fall back for 1 week in order to recover. After the recovery week we jump ahead again. Since it was a fall back week, we only did 7 miles today. And to be honest, it really did feel like an easy and enjoyable run. We did this same route a few weeks ago and I improved on the time it took me to complete it by about 2 minutes. That felt good, especially since it is uphill for 3.5 miles, then we turn around and run back down.

We have a new coach, Chuck, and while he was running by me for a little bit he posed the question about what my time goal was for the marathon. I am not quite sure I know how to answer that. There are days where I would scream the overly-optimistic “Boston Qualifying, yeah!”, and there are other days where I feel like I am still far too much of a newbie and have not even earned the right to have a time goal.

He said that I should think about it, then try training with that goal pace in mind. I should run my shorter runs during the week at goal pace and then slow it down by a minute or two for the long runs as I build on endurance. Then, before dropping back to check on others he casually mentioned that I was doing about an 8:30-9:00 minute mile pace.

So I guess I need to figure out what kind of pace I want to maintain and then figure out how to actually train at that pace. I’m thinking that I either need a Nike+ or I need to get the Speed+Distance foot pod that syncs with my Suunto HR watch. With either of those I would be able to have instant feedback on the pace.

The pros I can see for the Nike+ system is that it is pretty cheap and you get the whole online community. But I’ve also heard lots of people complain about calibration errors and I’m also curious if there is going to be something released to work with the iPhone, because my 1st generation iPod Nano has seen better days and I am starting to wonder just how much sweating it can handle. It’s already been through an entire marathon training and part of this training.

The pros for the foot pod are that it would send the data right to my watch and it would be on my wrist along with all the other info I’m collecting. But it doesn’t have the fun widgets, charts and forums, plus it costs more than the Nike system.

So many choices and decisions!


  1. It was really great to see you this morning, even if it was for a nanosecond!

    Listen to Chuck, he knows his shizz. He took me from zero athletic ability to obsessed triathlete, with no injuries!

  2. I know it is kind of expensive, ok, expensive, but I really like my Garmin, and I know you’ve said you have a think wrist. I do too, and it fits just fine. It wouldn’t tell you calories burned, but it would give you pace and distance, and there is a virtual training partner you could use. You seem to be running really fast I am impressed.

    It’s interesting – they have not had us cut our mileage at all for our runs yet. We just keep building week after week. Very interesting!

  3. LVGurl: I was hoping I’d at least get the chance to “wave” hello when Chuck mentioned you’d be showing up to bike this morning. And thanks for the advice on Chuck, I was impressed with his advice, it makes sense.

    Tgorourke: If I hadn’t just dropped a good chunk on my HR watch, I might reconsider the Garmin… but now I think I just need to figure out something to go along with that! That’s weird that you haven’t had any drops in your mileage. I’ve seen lots of programs that encourage that kind of building to help reduce stress on the muscles and joints and promote healing.

  4. Hey Jill, the endurolytes definitely work for me, but I’m a salty sweater, and I am doing them in addition to Gu and I drink Gatorade. They just help keep me from having that “I have no energy left whatsoever feeling.” You can try to get a sample pack and see how they work for you. I started with 1 per hour, now I am finding 2 every 40 minutes or hour is good for me. I found out about them from my brother’s friend Scott, who did the 50 mile race.

    Yep, we are only dropping down much later, I think. I’m not sure why that is the case. We also don’t seem to always have “cross training” on the schedule, I don’t think, but I am starting to follow the FIRST program and cross train 2 days per week.

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