Group Run #2

This morning we met for our second group run, 6 miles this time. We met on the opposite side of town from where I live, nearly a whole marathon’s distance from my home. But we got to run on a trail the whole time! It’s nice to not have the cars to worry about, I wish we had some of these paths around my house. (City of Las Vegas, are you listening? Plan better!)

It was very warm today, 85° according to my car when I was driving across town to make our 5:45 meeting time. The temps had reached the 90’s by the time we were done and leaving. So that meant the sweat was pouring off everyone. I had a lovely layer of a white film in my elbow pits at the completion of the run. I guess I need to drink even more. I will try to drink from the TNT stops along the way AND consume the water I’m carrying on my person.

My run felt really good. Honestly I live in constant fear that my knees are going to fail me. I try to take care of them as best I can and they’re a little achy from time to time, but nothing extreme like I’ve experienced in the past. That’s encouraging.

I’m starving right now. I ate a Larabar after the run, came home to eat Cheerios and a hard-boiled egg, yet two hours later I’m hungry again. But as soon as my husband gets off the treadmill, we’re going to Costco. They usually have plenty of samples around on Saturdays! 🙂

The worst pain I’m feeling right now has nothing to do with the running, it’s all due to work and sitting at a computer all day. I keep getting ergonomically correct peripherals (keyboard and mouse) but when my desk is so uncomfortable those devices are actually causing more pain. I feel like I have about a thousand little burning needles stuck in my upper back right now. Because of this I’m trying to keep off the computer for most of this weekend, so I need to wrap this up and get on with the day!

Hope everybody’s long runs were good this weekend. And for those of you who aren’t running, I hope you have something fun planned!


  1. Ha! Funny how you likened the distance from your house to freakin’ Warm Springs! Ever since I started training, I imagine every distance in terms of running or biking. “The Ironman bike is pretty much like biking from our house to Baker.”

    I think with each run, you’ll feel more and more confident about your knees.

  2. Alright, we’re both athletic dorks if we’re comparing distances to training distances! That’s awesome….

    I hope you’re right about the knees. I felt really good about them today. I feel like I’m getting stronger and more solid every day. I’m training a whole lot smarter this time than I did last time, so hopefully that pays out in long-term knee health!

  3. That white film is probably salt so don’t forget to replenish that. Are you drinking sport drink or getting extra salt at all?

    I’ve been taking joint supplements and I swear that they have helped my knees. I am taking MSM and Glucosamine. My knees still creak when I walk down the stairs, but I think that is a function of age. They don’t hurt anymore when I run (knock on wood)

    WTG on a good run!

  4. Lisa: I haven’t been drinking sport drink while I run. I’ve been drinking a little G2 before I run and then water throughout the run. I’m trying to figure out a combination of gels, sport drink, water, etc. that works for me!

    I take Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM and I think it’s been good for my knees. I’ve just had such bad luck with them in the past, but they really are feeling stronger lately. I’ve been focusing on take extra precaution with them so I can keep them healthy in the long run. (ha… pun not intended when I wrote that!)

  5. Well since you asked, my long run sucked. But I had a handful of excuses, so all is good.

    Quick question. I just take water with me on my long runs (via a fuel belt). Do you think one of those little bottles should be with Gatorade or something like that? Since I am still new at this. not sure how most handle the long run in the blazing heat.

  6. Chris: If I had a fuel belt, I think I would carry both water and Gatorade. Since I’m limited to one bottle of fluid with my belt, I think I prefer to carry water so I can use that as a chaser to any gel/bean/whatever stuff I choose to consume.

    I’m trying to learn to like Cytomax, since that’s the beverage that will be served at my race. If you know what beverage your race will be serving, it would be good to try it out in training so you know if it works. My last marathon had Accelerade on the course, that made me sick. Cytomax seems to sit well with my system, it’s just developing a taste for it!

    And remember, I am in now way a professional, so don’t take any advice I offer as medical fact!!! 😉

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