Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

When I head out for a run I have my old 1st generation iPod Nano strapped to my arm. I need the music to get me through. Except for group runs, I can talk to other people while I run so it’s a good exercise in keeping a “conversational pace”. Plus, it’s an opportunity to cultivate friendships with my other TNT members.

I usually try to take my Blackberry with me as well. It’s not like I’m planning on calling anyone and I’m certainly not reading/responding to work messages while out. It just serves as a little bit of a security blanket. After the dog jump last week I want to know that I could reach someone in the event that I’m unable to make it home on my own.

Well, I’ve added another item to my tech arsenal on runs… a heart rate monitor.

I read about a lot of different makes and models. I was intrigued by the Garmin products because of the on-board GPS. But those things are HUGE, even the newly released 405 is still pretty big. And I have little dinky wrists, they wouldn’t work on my arms at all. They’d extend beyond the width of my arm and probably would slide or cause some kind of pain while running. No thanks…

(Shoes & Gear blog on Runners World recently did a comparison of the new 405 and the 305)

So I chose to get a Suunto. The main reason I chose this was it had several of the features I wanted while still being a small enough size, but it also had optional pods that can be added on so I could gain the GPS or Speed+Distance features at some point if I decided to purchase those. I got the T3 model in pink (for some reason I have an attraction to pink workout gear, odd since I’m not a real pink fan in any other aspect of life). It’s comfortable and it’s been fun using it for the past week. The stopwatch is a handy tool so that I can stop doing a guesstimation of how long each run took. I’ve also found that I really enjoy the interval timers because it helps me stay on track with a 4:1 cycle. (I could just keep going and going until I bonked, but I want to try and preserve my strength/energy/knees and perform better on this marathon. These periodic walking (or slooooow jog) breaks should help me in this goal.)

So now I’m using at least 3 gadgets during each run, but I am very tempted by another one. The Nike+ system… I’m not sure if I should get one of these or just get the Speed+Distance pod for my watch at some point, but it really tempts me to have something that is telling me my pace. And the idea of being able to have a power song just seems really cool.

I should probably restrain myself, purchase it as a reward once I reach a certain milestone in my training or something. It’s not that expensive though, especially compared to the HR monitor. And as I’m finding more and more running blogs (many of which seem to be Nike+ users), I want to be able to join in the fun and talk about my Nike+ results!

Next time: Whozits and Whatzits Galore (Just kidding…)

Push-up Challenge – Week 1, Day 3: 10, 8, 8, 5, 12 = 43

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  1. It’s frightening how much stuff you can buy/feel like you absolutely NEED and MUST HAVE while training!

    (This is why you should NOT get into cycling. It’s an expensive sport…. holy moly….)

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