Do you ever feel like this:
You can’t sit still, you’re all fidgety and your insides are twisted up in little knots. You’re not sick, but you’ve got this bundled up feeling of nervousness, excitement and a little fear all working on your mind for the entire day?

That’s kind of how I feel today. It’s a rest day, so I don’t have a workout to distract me. It’s all leading up to our first group run tomorrow morning.

I know it will be a good thing, but I’m a little anxious about it. I worry about how early I’ll have to get up to drive to some place that I’ve never been to meet a group of strangers to participate in an activity that I fear I will be really bad at compared to others in the group.

It’s silly, my biggest flaw is that I overanalyze EVERYTHING.

I just want to have tomorrow morning come so I can get out there, do my run and put this “unknown” behind me.


  1. Think of it this way… if I was able to run ahead of 85% of the pack (when we had a combined TRI/marathon team run back in February) you will be leading the pack!

    Go up and say hi to Matt, tell him you’re nervous. He’ll make you feel like a star! He’s good like that.

    Are you meeting at Desert Breeze? I think that’s what Myndi said.

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