First Group Run!

Okay, so all my worrying was for nothing. (It usually is, someday I will learn to just “chill”.) My group run was AWESOME!

1. I met nice people. There are so many great people participating. Sure, there were a few gals there that looked like they were confused and thought we were participating in some kind of fashion show, but most of the people were great.

2. We got off to a slow start. We had to get everyone’s shoes tagged (in case we DIE while out there, or just need help – not to be overdramatic!), give out instructions on routes, divide into pace groups, etc.

3. I was at the lead of my pace group. We were split into four groups; a group that was pure running, a group doing a 4:1 run/walk split, a group doing a 3:2 run/walk split and the walkers. I chose the 4:1 group, because I figure taking regular walk breaks will be the best way to preserve my knees (since they already have a bit of trouble). But I was right there in the front with our pace leader, Melinda, who has done marathons and triathlons in the past. So I didn’t feel like a complete loser. In fact, our pace was a little slower than what I have been doing on my own, which is probably good too so I don’t burn out too quickly when we start covering some real distance.

4. I felt awesome the whole time. It was just a short 5 mile run today (I don’t think I could have ever imagined a time in my life when I would have considered running 5 miles a short and easy distance, but I’m glad I’m there), but it did have a nice uphill slope for the first half. Many of my runs around home end in a continuous uphill slope. It’s a lot better to tackle that first and coast downhill at the end!

I have so much energy right now. I need to get in the shower and get cleaned up so we can go to Mon Ami Gabi for lunch. (I’m trying escargot!) Even though the day started wicked early, I just have a really positive and peppy feeling that should carry me throughout the entire day!


  1. The only thing that shocks me more than the idea that people run for any reason than to escape packs of wild dogs is that they would get friends together and do it in a group.

    OK, I’m just jealous. I wish I had the knees for it.

  2. I’m so glad you had a great day! Myndi left a message for me this morning letting me know that you found her, and that you ran together. I also stopped by Fleet Feet to buy some endurance smack (i.e. gels), and chatted with her. She really enjoyed running with you and thought you were sweet! (Of course!!)

    I’m with you… I refer to a 45 min. run as “short.” And, “I won’t be out long, it’s just 3 miles…” 😉

    That’s great how upbeat and energetic you feel today!

    p.s. Myndi will keep trying to get you into new and interesting activities (like the biking you mentioned). She’s a sales girl at heart.

  3. I was feeling the same way before my first TNT group run too, very nervous. I’d never run with people before. I am now finding I really like running with my running partner, Melissa. She helps me to keep going. I hope you continue to like them!

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