I’m still trying to figure out how to properly fuel myself before running. I need to get my runs done early in the morning (5:00 AM), so I can beat the heat. I’m also supposed to take my Synthroid in the morning, on an empty stomach and waiting an hour before eating. So I usually take my pill and head out for a run without eating anything. But as I get into my longer and longer runs, I need to have some kind of fuel. So for now I am using myself as a test subject on the shorter distances to see what works and what doesn’t. That way if something REALLY doesn’t work, I won’t be 6 miles away from my home when my body quits for the day.

Today I decided to try figuring out my hydration needs. I woke up this morning, took care of my “elimination” needs and weighed myself. The plan was to see how much my weight changed when I came back from my run.

I didn’t drink anything more than the 6-8 ounces I used to down my pill before heading out. And for some reason, I felt really parched during the whole run. It may have been purely psychosomatic, I was just convincing myself that I was thirstier than I actually was, who knows?

The run also felt kind of rough today because I was running directly into the wind for the last half of my outing. When I got home I felt a little frustrated, like I hadn’t done very well today. It’s silly to feel that way, especially when I’m not trying to achieve any land speed records. But I was pleasantly surprised to note when I got home that I had done my 3.5 miles in 29 minutes. Not too shabby.

Oh, and I lost about 0.6 pound during that time, but I still don’t know if I truly understand the hydration ratios and proper replacement of sweat loss!


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