Just Moving

Right now, my training plan is to “just keep moving”. I don’t have an official training plan, although I will probably receive that from TNT a week from today at the kick-off event. So for now, I’m just making sure that I get out there to put some miles on my feet.

Yesterday I ran a (short) 1 mile loop around my neighborhood, just breaking in the new shoes some more. And then today I went out for 5.66 miles. Both days felt pretty good, no problems with the shoes. Yesterday’s run was at lunch time, and it was a little warm. Not too extreme, but made me realize that the lunch break runs are not going to be happening as the temps increase.

So overall, I put in about 15 miles this week. I think that will be my goal for next week too, and then I’ll find out my “official” TNT training schedule. Honestly, I’m so excited to begin the “real” training for this event I can barely contain myself.

If anyone had told the 16-year-old version of me that I would be excited to go out running, I would have laughed in their face. I’m so glad I’ve grown up beyond that girl!

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