Trick or Trot 10K 2015 [Race Report]

Saturday I ran a 10K… for some reason it feels like every single race this year has just snuck up on me. “Oh, an email telling me I have a packet pickup tomorrow. Okay, I’ll do that.”

Well, maybe this one wasn’t THAT sneaky because I did prepare for it some. Not like I was training for a 10K specifically in my running, but I was semi-prepared to run in costume. My friend runs the online shop Pixie Power and designs cute shirts; when she announced a Halloween one several months back I bought it with this race in mind. I would like to have multiple races to wear it in, but the only other races I can find are right on Halloween morning and we will need to be spending as much time carving pumpkins that day as possible. Family time trumps multiple races.

So… costume. I wore the tank, some black shorts and these cool skeleton arm warmers I found on Amazon. Or… warm skeleton arm warmers. It was a little too warm for them, but I was committed to my look!

This pic was taken after the race when I was back at home.
This pic was taken after the race when I was back at home.

My kid woke up early that day… about 30 minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off. And she wouldn’t go back to sleep. So I was spending a lot of my morning in my pajamas trying to engage in “quiet play” with her for about an hour and a half,  since it was early. My husband came downstairs about 15 minutes before I needed to leave for the race. I quickly ran upstairs, got dressed and raced out the door. I forgot to take a handheld water bottle, which I normally do for a 10K. That would have given me a chance to drink a little more… I started the race thirsty and eager for the aid station.

There were a ton of people in costumes and I gotta give people credit for running in some crazy getups. One woman came up to me and asked me to write my name or my alter-ego on a nametag. She was running as an identity crisis. So I wrote “Skeleton Mommy Jill” since my daughter had told me before I left that I was a skeleton Mommy.


The race itself felt harder than it should have… my heart was racing right off the bat and I was thirsty. The course was a loop and if you were doing the 10K you did the loop twice. So I got to pass the aid station twice! I was so happy to see it, just past the 1 mile mark. I really wish the cups had been filled more… most of the time you don’t want the cups too full at a race because you would pour it all over yourself. This race I would have gladly accepted a giant cup of water.

There were a lot of families participating in the 5K, so they were getting lapped by the 10K runners. It made for some fun dodging as they walked 4-5 abreast, but most of the course was on fairly wide open trails so it was easy enough to go around.


The start/finish area was another story though… it was a VERY narrow start. There was a woman in front of me at the start, she started to run when they told us to GO! and then immediately started to walk after she crossed the start line. I love events that get a large turnout of all abilities, but there needs to be the etiquette reminders. If you’re walking the race, don’t position yourself at the front for the start!

Since it was a loop course, you ran through that same narrow place midrace and for the finish. I was kicking at the finish to cross the line… and there were people leisurely walking in for their 5K finish or just milling about on the course. I guess it was an obstacle course in disguise! :-) I was beat and happy to be finished. I think my time was 58:xx… I could look it up, but I don’t care. I know my watch said 59:xx when I remembered to stop it. I had my sights set on the water at the finish line!


My awesome skeleton arm warmers rubbed a lovely little chafe wound into my skin. I didn’t notice from pain or anything, just when I sat down to chug my water and eat my KIND bar, I went to pull the sleeves down and noticed the hole. My daughter was fairly upset when she saw it and insisted on putting a band-aid on it for me. She did a great job of opening the band-aid herself… and then putting the sticky part right on top of the wound.

The organizers do a great job of decorating the park for the event. The whole thing is a fundraising event for Eagle Quest, a foster care organization. In addition to the race, they have vendor tables and a whole family festival associated with the event. So after I finished I told my husband to bring the kiddo over to play.


We paid the $5 fee so #AwesomeA could play games. She did a bean bag throw, ring toss, Plinko, etc. And at each game she got 2-5 pieces of candy. And they had donuts for the kids too. This kid was hopped up on sugar!


It’s a great event… if you’re a Vegas local I really recommend it because they do such a nice job with everything. If you’re visiting Las Vegas at the time, I recommend you check it out. It’s way far from all the touristy stuff… but visiting Floyd Lamb State Park is a great way to realize there is more to Vegas than what you associate as Vegas.

This year I’ve had a real problem where the days leading up to races I sit there and question why I do these, it just feels like a hassle to get there and I feel like I’m being a jerk leaving my child with her father. (Yeah… stupid, he needs to be spending more time with her anyway!) But then I’m always so glad I went to the race and leave hoping to find another one soon. I was literally thinking on the drive to this race, “Maybe I’ll just not do any races in 2016. It will be easier that way.” And now I want to sign up for more events.

I can keep myself in check though… January will be here before too long and I won’t have the option of doing races much as my CPA-spouse enters his busy season for work. But I wish it was easier for me to just do the races without giving myself a heaping dose of mom-guilt in the process.

Getting out of My Way

I frequently listen to audiobooks while I run… it’s a great way to get some reading done without a small child requesting I play with her. Or a dog begging to be taken outside. Or a husband asking me questions. And I’ve recently found another really good quote from a comedian. This one comes from Rachel Dratch in her book Girl Walks into a Bar… Damn the wisdom of funny people, they make me laugh and make me think!

Quote by Rachel Dratch about flow

I’m always stuck in my brain, running myself in circles or blocking the “flow” from happening. But these last several days I’ve found some good flow at work… I’ve got a lot done. Is my checklist any shorter? Um… not really, it grows by about five items for every one I clear. But I’ve still made some good progress on work tasks too.

But in doing that, I ignore this site. And then I feel guilty. Which is ridiculous. I don’t have advertisers beating down my door and demanding I give them certain false advertisements. Nobody is clamoring* to read my wit and wisdom. And those of you who do (thank you!) are always kind and patient and chime in with a friendly word from time-to-time and I appreciate that. And when I’m not working, I’d rather spend the time with my munchkin. From what “they” tell me, there will be a day she wants nothing to do with me. So if she wants me to play with her, I’m in.

She never sees this “rain” stuff! #AwesomeA #vegas

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So I’ll just keep popping in here when I have something I want to share and try to keep living my life as it suits me. And my family. And my employer. Or whatever. Thanks for reading along… I hope you enjoy this quote like I did!

*clamoring is a weird word. Clamor… clamored… clamoring… to clamor?

Skulpt Aim [Review]

I ordered a box of gadgets from Lumoid a while back [here’s my more detailed explanation of the service] and another item I chose was the Skulpt Aim.


My description: 
It’s a doohickey that lets you measure your body fat % or muscle quality by spritzing a little water on it, then holding it against certain muscles. It spits out a reading and syncs it into your smartphone for safe keeping and future comparisons.

Their description:
This portable, lightweight device tracks the result of your fitness progress. It measures when you’re losing fat and gaining muscle, by providing a measure of Muscle Quality (MQ) and fat percentage for individual muscles or your whole body. Aim’s mobile app tracks your progress over time, and lets you see which are your strongest muscles or which muscles need work.

Same thing, one is less marketing-ese.

The device is easy to use, it communicated easily with my phone (iPhone 6), and measurements are fast. Instead of purely focusing on body fat%, it analyzes your muscle quality, which is a more in-depth measurement. It tells you how you’re improving individual muscle groups when you are immersed in a fitness regime.

To use: Spritz the back with a little water. (It even comes with a handy little water bottle.) Put the device sensors on the specified muscle group (the app walks you through the process) and wait a few seconds for the measurement. Repeat on the next muscle group. Fast, easy, no tech or health background needed.


They’ve got Tony Horton prominently featured on their home page right now… there’s an option of seeing Tony’s numbers with the Skulpt Aim… I elected to not look. I’m sure he’s amazing. I assume he does P90X workouts a billion times a day to put out all those DVDs and I feel a little queasy inside just watching some of those workouts. 😉

The device/app did tell me that some of my muscle groups are just average. (Biceps, we’re looking at you here.)


But some of my muscle groups are doing pretty well. (Go abs!)


So, what do I do with this information? Well… not much. Given the fact that I had this for a short trial period via Lumoid, there isn’t room to watch change. I do think it would be interesting to measure as part of an on-going plan. Especially if I figure out what I’m doing next in my fitness life. (Am I just going to find more races to run? Am I going to run less and focus on some other exercise? Am I going to become a couch potato? The suspense… the intrigue! These are the days of our lives?) But since I sent the device back to Lumoid, I now have this app on my phone with just a couple of measurements and uncertainty if I should just delete it or if I will purchase one.

The device says it’s normal price is $199… but it’s on special for $149. And since I signed up for an account to test this, it gave me a special URL for $20 off… which makes it work out to a price of just $129. I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot better than $199! So if you are embarking on fitness/health change (or just curious if your current plan is helping) this would be a useful tool in that journey.

And if I revisit this device, I will definitely share more insights. This is an exciting time for personal health/fitness technology. I’m fascinated by the developments that have emerged and it will be interesting to see what comes next!

Okay, disclaimer time… I didn’t receive this for free. I paid for my Lumoid box and I chose which things I wanted to review based upon my own personal interests and what would make me happy to play with/write about. But since I’ve received freebies in the past, people reading my site always wonder. So there you have it. Not free, still my opinion as always.

It’s my blog and I’ll ramble if I want to

Last week I had to drive to work on Thursday (I telecommute, in case you just stumbled upon this) and while driving I listened to Nick Offerman’s book Paddle Your Own Canoe. It was alright, worth the listen on the drive and it made me legitimately LOL a few times. It also made me cringe a few times (I don’t need to know about his marital relations occurring in nature) but there were a couple of things that were quite poignant. Here’s one:

Men and women alike, if you think that altering the tip of your nose with surgery will make you happier, I would suggest you alter something much more malleable than your flesh, like your priorities, or your friends. Quit looking in the mirror so much. My two cents. - Nick Offerman

Then on Friday my mom came into town to watch my kid so my husband and I could catch a play at The Smith Center here in Las Vegas. We saw the play The Book of Mormon, I haven’t laughed so hard in years. (The Smith Center is a beautiful venue that hosts real theatre. Traveling productions of Broadway shows, orchestral concerts, ballet, etc. We’re a city of glitzy entertainment, but this place was long needed. It opened in 2012 and everyone I know, that has been there, raves about it. Fantastic place.)


Then on Saturday my mom asked my daughter if she wanted to come home with her for a few days, and she said yes. So my baby girl got in the car and got to spend a few days out of state with her grandma and grandpa, no parents around. And I’m crushed.

I’m really glad she’s having fun and she even gets the chance to see my brother’s kids, as they are visiting as well. Since we have no family in town with us, it’s great that she gets this opportunity. But I feel so lost without her! Even when they’re just 3-years-old, giving your child independence is hard!

I always feel frustrated that I can’t do things due to parenting, yet now that I have a few days without my child I don’t know what I want to do. The things that I guess I felt limited on aren’t really fixed in a few days of time. I can’t wait to have her back home.

But one huge perk… I can actually start work on time! (That’s a sad, pathetic “perk”.)