Slow Down!

The past couple of months have been kicking my butt. Even more so than the past several years have been kicking my butt. Some of the things that have been draining me lately more than “normal” life exhaustion: Buying a house Selling a house Moving to a new house Getting my first experience at an

Episode 6: Not Giving Up on a Podcast-ish Yet!

I’ve had over two months between “episodes” of my podcast-ish, The Jill Will Run Show-ish. (I’m so clever with that title, huh?) But I recorded another episode! You can listen to it embedded here in this post… or you can read along below for the basic gist of what I rambled about plus some extra

Choosing to Rest is Hard

When looking at runners from the outside, we’re a weird bunch. A lot of people naturally just want to sit around and it’s a feat of willpower to force themselves to exercise. But for many runners, when we’ve been at it for a while, we just want to keep running. And choosing to take a

4th of July Deals

Because being patriotic is all about getting a good deal… (and because any pennies this site can bring on without any real extra effort on your part, just goes back into keeping it running! So… affiliate links are contained within.) Mission: Up to 30% off and free shipping (depending upon amount purchased) Jaybird: Get a