Foam Glow 5K [race report]


Saturday evening I ran the antithesis of my morning 5K that day… instead of a fun little community race with people doing it for fun and for time, the night one was all about partying. The Foam Glow 5K took place at Sam Boyd Stadium and was host to 9000 party-goers. I was really quite surprised at the amount of booze people were consuming BEFORE the “race” had even started. Like most of these fun/themed runs, it was not timed.

I was a little on the fence about this race… I ran The Color Run and had fun. I ran a Color Me Rad race and had less fun. I’ve made fun of the crazy themed races that are emerging every minute. But I went to the race with a couple of friends and tried to keep an open mind, which served well because…


I wore the race t-shirt, one of the rare instances where I would actually do that. It was a nice, crisp, white canvas that I could totally destroy with the color!


We got there with plenty of time to kill, but we got great parking and got to be involved in all of the pre-party stuff. Initially I wasn’t going to get messy before the race… but that plan quickly got tossed out the window.



The race was set to start at 8pm, or as the sun set so we could run in the dark. When we started to see people filtering over to the start line, we made our toward the start line. I knew we didn’t want to be at the back of the pack because they were releasing the runners in waves. They just strung ropes up in between segments of people once the start chute was filled and the start time was near. We ended up being in the second wave. Looking back at the sea of people behind us about 20 minutes before the race started, I was glad I didn’t have to wait for all those people ahead of me!


The starting lineup… 9000 runners. It extends back and curves around, you can see some of the lineup between those trees.

It got dark and we started running. And then after a little bit, we started to walk. My co-runners weren’t quite prepped to run a whole 5k straight, but that’s okay. We had fun power-walking and running. The first foam station was, unfortunately, out of commission when we got to it. There was an ambulance with flashing lights, so I wonder if someone was hurt or sick. (Drank too much in the heat then ran?) But the other foam stations were blasting, you had to run through a nice layer of foam that was accumulated on the ground, while foam shot out of cannons at you. There’s no avoiding it, you will get messy. And it’s fun!

We ran across the finish line… kind of. It was the only finish line I’ve been to where you actually run toward the finish line, then pause to cross the line while waiting for people to take pictures!


My friend Jenn at the finish line. Her first 5K!

Then the after-party! If you don’t feel like you have gotten colorful enough in the pre-party and during the race, you have the opportunity to dance to club music while getting blasted with even more foam under blacklights with glow necklaces!



We jumped into the party, got covered in a new layer of colorful foam and headed to the blacklight photo booth to take our picture.


My hands were too slippery… I couldn’t get my glow necklaces fastened!

Then we went back for more foam! But after a bit, it actually started to make me feel cold! Also, the foam REALLY REALLY REALLY BURNS the eyeballs. I was surprised at how much that hurt. If they marketed it as “Join 9000 of your not-closest friends as we spray foam into your face that burns your eyes out of the sockets” nobody would sign up! Okay, it’s not that bad. But it does hurt a lot! I actually got pretty adept at turning sideways and running with my eyes closed in the race. But there was no way to avoid it when you’re being sprayed from every direction in that after party!

I don’t think I’ve ever been messier in my whole life, but it was so much fun. I got home and my husband told me I looked like I’d been murdered.


I still have a little bit of lingering color around my fingernails and my eyelids were kind of hard to get un-pink, but the rest of me was clean immediately after my shower. It didn’t stain my hair at all (DAMN!). The next test will be washing my running clothes to see how they come through. The shoes are permanently colored, but they already had a couple of layers of color on them from the other colorful runs I’d done. They are my designated “color-added” run shoes. (I’m trying to avoid using the official name of one of those races to describe them all! I’m so weird with technicalities like that! Like “Kleenex” vs. tissue.)

If you get the chance, grab some friends and do one of these. I actually have some other friends that I’d love to take with me on a race like this because I just know we’d have a blast.

Blonds Have More Fun 5K [race report]


On Saturday morning I ran a 5k called “Blonds Have More Fun”. It’s part of the “It’s Just Hair” series by local race company Jus Run. It’s a new race series and this was the first race in the series. (The redhead and brunette ones are still coming up… and yeah, I’m signed up for those too. I’ll get a special medal if I do all of the series.) Participants were encouraged to dress up as their favorite blondes… so I ran as myself! LOL! I could say that I am my favorite blonde… but I could also say that I’m too boring tame lazy to run in costume!

It was a pretty morning, not way too hot… it could have used a little bit of a breeze. But overall it felt nice for the last day of May in Las Vegas.

The race was held on the path around a local soccer park. The last couple 5k’s I’ve done have been there as well! It’s interesting to see how each race director manages to direct us in slightly different patterns to get the 3.1 miles mapped. Some lead us uphill immediately, but this one started us downhill for about a half mile before we looped around to start our uphill climb. I liked having the downhill to warmup a little.


The bad thing was that after I started going I realized that I was feeling kind of weird, just having a hard time catching my breath and my heart was racing more than it should have been. So I ended up walking for a couple of stretches. I was a little annoyed at myself for that, but I had to get my breathing in check.

Jus Run has nice medals for their runs, this run was no exception. At the finish we all got a lovely medal with a good amount of heft!


I don’t require a medal for 5k’s… but they’re fun nonetheless!

To go along with the celebratory atmosphere and the idea that “blonds have more fun” there were chocolates at an aid station and champagne (err….. non-alcoholic sparkling cider. There were kids there!)


I hung around for the awards ceremony and applauded for the overall winners. The overall female winner was young. I don’t know her exact age, but she was in the F 10-19 age group. I thought it was interesting that there were no awards to give out in the M 20-29 age group, because there were no men in that age group participating! And it was extremely surprising to me that I was called out as the 2nd place finisher in the F 30-39 age group! (I was beat by a gal dressed as “… Baby One More Time” era Britney Spears… catholic school girl skirt, thigh high socks and tied off shirt. I give her mad props for running in that!)


Photos from the race that the event organizer posted on Facebook:

blonds-1 blonds-2 blonds-3

The next race in this series is in October. Depending on the weather, I may or may not run it with the stroller. It’s the Redheads Rule race… maybe I should dye my hair red for it!

Friday Fête


I’m part of the Influenster program, where they periodically send me boxes full of stuff to share my thoughts/opinions on various products with my online communities. It’s usually pretty fun to get a box full of goodies, but this latest one was kind of strange to me. It was called the “Go” box, for members who live active lifestyles. (I run! That’s me!) But most of the contents didn’t really speak to me.


  • Blue Diamond Blueberry almonds… alright, I’ll try ‘em. They smell like blueberry muffins. Taste a little like blueberry muffins.
  • A coupon for a free container of Muller greek yogurt… fair enough. I’ll take it.
  • A shaker bottle for mixing up powder drinks… cool!
  • Packets of weight loss drink… no thanks.
  • AquaSpa Relax bath salts… yes, I would like time to take a relaxing bath, when it’s not 100 degrees outside. Maybe I’ll take a cold bath, but they probably wouldn’t dissolve.
  • Playtex Sport tampons… I don’t even know how I would write about these. Anxiously await Aunt Flo’s arrival to write a review? No way. Plus I just don’t know what makes a feminine care product “sport” vs just everyday. And I don’t really care.
  • ProFoot orthotic inserts… I don’t do special insoles. I feel pretty strongly about building my own foot strength.
  • ProFoot Pedi Rock… YES! This was the best item in the box. It works really well! (I’ve mentioned before, I have a thing against dried out crusty feet!)

National Running Day is June 4 – Get out and run! Why do you run? This year I’m declaring that I run for myself… just to keep my own sanity!


Remember the Hatfield Strap I received a while back?  I got to ask the creator a few questions, hoping to enlighten me to it’s uses beyond plantar fasciitis. (Since I don’t have PF – KNOCK ON WOOD!)


– How was the strap conceived?
I personally suffer from plantar fasciitis and one of the main treatments is to stretch a great deal.  After purchasing everything on the market to stretch with I felt I was lacking the stretch I wanted in the bottom of my foot.  Looking at all of the other items like the night splints I wanted to pull the toes back like the night splints and flatten out the foot at the same time.  So bringing the strap behind the calf and under the foot accomplishes just that.

– It’s good for foot/calf stretching, but what other uses does it have?
The Hatfield Strap gives you potentially the best hamstring stretch you’ve ever had.  The hamstring stretch is just as effective as if someone else was pushing your leg up for you and you control the entire stretch from the timing to the tension.  The IT-band is very difficult to stretch, the Hatfield Strap really can stretch the IT-band like no other stretch can.  Anything that can benefit by stretching the calf and hamstring can benefit from the Hatfield Strap, low back pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, IT-band tendinitis, calf cramps, restless leg syndrome (where stretching the calves helps, not everyone with RLS benefits from stretching).

– Are there any tips/tricks on using the strap for getting a good stretch?
Stretching with your shoes off will give you the most effective stretch.  The Hatfield Strap puts all the control in the hands of the user.  You can stretch for just 30 seconds or hold the stretch for five minutes (that’s where the shoulder strap makes a big difference).  With the calf strap the strap needs to fit just right in order to be effective.  The Sit strap can be used by anyone without being measured for it, this is a big advantage, you can be stretching within seven seconds after someone hands you the Sit strap.

What are your weekend plans? I’ve got two 5K’s tomorrow. One in the morning, called “Blondes Have More Fun” and runners are encouraged to dress up as their favorite blonde… so I’m running as myself. I’m my favorite blonde! The other is the Foam Glow 5K at night, which I’m not as excited about because it sounds like it’s going to be a massive crowd. When they say the race starts at 8pm, but that you may not end up crossing the start line until after 9 due to the wave starts, that’s a little annoying to me! But it will be an experience and something to write about, right?

Hüma Gels: Blueberries and Mangoes


I was sent two packets of Hüma Gel for review, one in each new flavor. Thoughts are always my own.


I reviewed Hüma Gel on my site a year ago, their original two flavors. They recently launched two new flavors: Blueberries and Mangoes. (Yes… there is only one pictured up there. I consumed it before taking a picture. Just picture that one with a yellow package and it says “Mangoes” instead, aiiiight?)

Since I already reviewed Hüma Gel once before, I just want to say the new flavors are tasty. I think I’m going to give Blueberries the edge in these two… but the original Apple Cinnamon is still my favorite in their lineup. Their gels are all natural ingredients; you can actually read the list and understand it, so I feel good about recommending these.

A while ago I started to do some research on “premium gels” and why they cost so much. And well… life got in the way of actually getting it posted. But one of the gels in my premium list was Hüma Gel, and I had reached out to them to get some details about why it costs so much (about $2.25 per packet). Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Ingredients. How concerned is the person about the ingredients they consume? I know many athletes aren’t concerned at all (men in particular); they just want something cheap that works. However, for the athlete whose primary concern is health and fitness, ingredients are important. These people are spending hours upon hours of sweat and pain to be healthy, so they want to make sure the ingredients they’re ingesting support that goal rather than detract from it. Huma could save a lot of money by using ingredients like maltodextrin, potassium sorbate, or sodium benzoate…but that’s not what our customers want, so we only use 100% all-natural, real food ingredients whose names you can pronounce. Of course, there are side benefits to only using 100% all-natural, real food ingredients: smooth, easy to swallow consistency, no weird aftertaste, and zero stomach problems!
  2. Cutting Edge Performance Research. Some of the energy gel companies have been using basically the same formula for 20+ years. Obviously, the human body doesn’t evolve very quickly, but our understanding of it has grown tremendously. Huma Gel takes the best of past research and combines it with the latest studies to bring you the best performance gel on the market. To top it off, all our citations are publicly available on PubMed for consumers to verify on their own!
  3. Great Taste. Seriously. One of our top priorities was great taste, and we cut no corners in making that happen. Having a legitimately great taste is probably the biggest reason we’ve expanded so quickly.

Read their Energy Gel 101 for the science on gels and how to best use them.

A couple other factoids:

Q: Where did the name “Hüma ” come from?
A: Hüma is based on the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. Unfortunately, using “Tarahumara” as a name would have been far too long for our gel package, so we chopped it down to “Hüma ”.

Q: How is Hüma pronounced?
A: Hüma is pronounced “Hoo-mah” (not “Hew-mah”, though German speakers will fight on this one). The umlauts mean absolutely nothing except to make a smiley face. Hüma is happy gel!

Q: Will the fiber content in Hüma gels cause me to do a porta-potty dash?
A: No. Chia constitutes only about 1/8 of the ingredients, which is little enough to not cause GI distress. In fact, Hüma gels have a fantastic history of being stomach-problem free.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

Swiftwick Socks


I was sent three pairs of Swiftwick socks free for the purpose of review. Thoughts posted on this site are always my own.

Swiftwick socks

Swiftwick makes socks for a wide variety of sports (to name some: running, golf, hockey, fishing — did you ever think about special socks for fishing? I never did. Maybe waterproof socks, but not regular ones!) They are all wicking, to pull moisture away from the skin and avoid blisters. When they contacted me, I said that I prefer thinner socks that are low-cut and they sent me three versions from their lineup to try.

ASPIRE: Minimal sock, it’s ultra-thin which is great for summer. It has compression technology and no toe seam to eliminate bunching at the top of your shoe. It comes in fun colors too, like green, pink and purple.

VIBE: This one is a little more cushioned, but still really thin. It has compression, but less than the other lines.

SUSTAIN: The only socks on the market created from post-industrial recycled nylon. From refusing to use chemicals to wick away moisture, to a commitment to being made in the USA – these are their tribute to the company’s eco-conscious ideals.

Their socks all come in a variety of heights. I prefer my running socks to be pretty low, so I was sent the ZERO models. I found all of them to be comfortable and effective. They were maybe a tad bit too low, as I had to make sure I pulled them up in place exactly right so my shoe didn’t rub on my Achilles. But when that was done, they didn’t move during the run.

My favorite was the SUSTAIN pair. They actually didn’t seem to need as much precision to get them on right and they were super comfy, even after a few washings. All of them came through the wash great with no shrinking or pilling. If I were buying a pair, I would probably pick the SUSTAIN, but any of them were fantastic socks. They retail for $11.99 a pair, pretty comparable with most specialty running socks.

They have a sock club where you can get specialty designed sock-of-the-month socks. As of this writing, the specialty sock is one with a “Mom” tattoo design on the ankle. They also offer the “Wick Nation”, a rewards program for buying socks and referring people to the site. (None of these links are referral links, FYI.) They have some pretty big names in ultrarunning signed on to their product, you can check out a list of athletes in Swiftwick socks as well.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

Out of Time! (It’s Truth!)


So a little bit ago I was frustrated about feeling like I had no time. And I started to read a book to see if I could correct that.

Here’s the thing… I tried following the advice in the book and charting my time based on the hours in a week. And I did it for one week… and then I stopped. Because you know what it showed me… I don’t just FEEL like I have less time for myself, I really have less time for myself. So I stopped reading the book after I’d finished about 1/2 of it… I think my review of it on Goodreads sums up how I felt.

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I feel like I never have enough time to do things in life. I liked the idea of looking at the week in terms of hours, as opposed to the days. But really, I felt like I was wasting time reading the book. It wasn’t bringing me much enjoyment and it wasn’t giving me any earth-shattering tips to improve my schedule.

Here’s the rub… I honestly don’t have time to do as much as I used to. My feeling that way wasn’t inaccurate. Since I had a baby and became a mother… more time is spent on another human being than on myself. No amount of blocking out my time or charting it will change the fact that I now have several hours a day spent on someone else that I didn’t have before. And you know what? I like my kid, so I guess it all works out!

View all my reviews

The only way I will have more time is to carve it out. I have to cut things, and there aren’t a lot of things to cut out right now. But I can try to squeeze in a few extra bits by asking my husband to take on more responsibilities. This week I went to a book club with a bunch of gals and it was so nice to get out. We read the book The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, a book that I thought I wouldn’t be interested in, but ended up enjoying quite a bit. I felt a little bit of guilt that I left before Alex’s bed time and that I was making my husband parent on his own. And all was fine… I got to go enjoy a night out and Alex was fine.

So I dropped an hour of childcare time from my week as well as a couple of hours of work/email/reading time. It worked out. Now I just need to figure out how to find time to write all the blog posts I need to post (reviews, reviews, reviews!) and respond to the massive amounts of email I get in conjunction with this blog, all while being able to sleep less and run more without sacrificing my physical or mental health.

<RANT> For something that actually costs me money, I sure do a lot of work for other people with this site! To some extent, that’s what happens with hobbies… you spend money on them, but get satisfaction and enjoyment. And a lot of the time, I DO get that from my site. But fielding inquiries from people asking me to review their latest e-cigarettes or weight loss shakes or toning underwear… it’s exhausting. Many of these pitches are so far off what I would ever write about, I just delete them. Then I get the follow-up emails, “Did you get my email?” I don’t have time to tell every person in the world that I am not going to write about their product, especially when they send me a pitch that begins with “Ms Jill Blogger” and ends with “if you would like me to send you photos of our product”… So I do all the work to research and write something about a product I probably don’t even like the sound of and I get… photos in exchange and readers that wonder what kind of payoff I must receive for writing that content? And the random traffic that may stumble upon that post in the future will then keep leaving comments on my site for years and years with absurd statements (yes, this is a lesson I’ve learned through personal experience) which then potentially causes me more work to delete those? For a possible nickel in return from my AdSense unit on the page? No thanks… </RANT>

Moms Rock 10K [Race Report]

Moms Rock - Jill crossing start line

On Saturday I ran a 10K called Moms Rock. In case you can’t figure that out… it’s a tribute to mothers and it’s held on Mother’s Day weekend! The race started at 7 AM and it was held on gravel/dirt trails, so I didn’t take the stroller. I thought it seemed an appropriate irony that the night before I ran a Mother’s Day race was a night where Alex woke up wheezing and coughing, and I was awake with her for about 2.5 hours in the middle of the night!

The race was held at a local state park, Floyd Lamb State Park, a place that I’ve actually been running at fairly frequently the past several months. It’s pretty there, I find it peaceful and it clears my mind. It’s one of my little oases here in Las Vegas. (An oasis with actual water, my other one is very dusty/dirty/open desert!)

Anyway, I woke up early to make sure all systems were go, then went to the race start. I found the Team Challenge group at the race, they were doing this as their mid-training cycle tune-up race! It was great to see them, I really do miss coaching in that program. Someday I’d like to return to it! I also stopped to chat with Jim, the owner of the local Fleet Feet Sports store.

It wasn’t too long before the race director was summoning everyone to the start. She explained the course, as well as informed us that there may be some cones missing as there was some jerk running out there on the course throwing all the cones into the desert and threatening to mace the volunteers that were trying to fix them. I don’t understand why somebody would do that to a race, but I’ve heard about people pulling down markers at several races. Why?! WHY?!!!

Anyway, I guess I could see that the course might be a little confusing when listening to the description if you’ve never run out there, just because there are so many offshoots that you could take and the 5K went off on some of those and then would reconnect in with the 10K before leaving the trail once more. This required lots of signs around, but I think overall people were fine with it.

Moms Rock - Jill crossing start line

This is the only photo of myself I found in the race photos… as the race is starting.

The race felt great, there was a pretty good headwind when running to the north, so that felt like it was slowing me down… but it pushed me along when running to the south! And as much as I love doing races with my daughter in the stroller, it was a lot of fun to get to do one on my own for once too!

After the race I ran into more people I know. Charlene was kind enough to snap a picture of me and one of the people I saw was a gal I trained with for the San Antonio RnR marathon back in 2008. I actually haven’t even seen her since I had a kid… and Alex is 20.5-months-old now! Weird how you can spend so much time with someone for years and then you just kind of drift apart.

I stopped at Starbucks on my way home after the race. The gal at the register asked what my number and medal were from, so I told her I ran a 10K. She said, “A 10K?! Whoa! What is that in real miles?”

Moms Rock 2014 Medal

When I told her it was 6.2 miles she said, “And you’re still walking?! That’s crazy!” Sometimes I forget that people react that way, especially when I feel a little down on myself that 6-7 miles is my “long run” these days and I used to run 13+ every weekend! Good reminder to myself that our journeys change throughout life!

Interesting fun fact: There were 135 finishers in the 10K… 100 of them were female!
I was 12th out of 100 females.
20th out of 135 runners.
8 out of 32 in my AG.

Friday Fête


I’m tired…. so tired….

I’m pretty sure the reason for this is that I keep bumping up my waking time. I’m doing that in anticipation of having to run early in the morning all summer long. Last year I ran at night after Alex was in bed. It was still hot, but running in the dark makes a difference. However, I love the feeling of knocking out a run first thing in the morning. But this parenting stuff combined with the fact that I “supposedly” start work at 7am makes early morning running hard!


My standard alarms… Yeah, I need reminders to snap myself out of work sometimes.

(I say supposedly, because in all honesty, I usually start working at 5am so I can get Alex ready for the day when she wakes up 6:45-7:00ish. Plus I do this so I can go for a run ‘guilt-free’ mid-morning for most of the year when the temperatures are agreeable to such endeavors. However, there is no guilt-free in my world. I give myself grief for everything. I’m way too hard on myself.)

My kid is saying all kinds of awesome stuff lately. The other day she sat on our adjustable dumbbells and was saying, “Go, Go, Go!” Kids are all kinds of awesome… at least mine is pretty rockin’. Oh, that’s another thing she says, “Baby Rock. Alex Rock.” And when she says that she means she wants to be in the rocking chair. Not with me though…. NO, none of that cuddling crap. She wants to stand in it like she’s surfing on the rocking chair. And when she says that, I have to sing Twisted Sister to her.


I love these little gray skinny jeans she has… although, they’re starting to be skinny capris!

I love crowdfunding projects… it just fascinates me some of the things people come up with, also there are some good things that get to market via these platforms when traditional investors said no. “People wouldn’t want that!” “Wait, the people did want that and ponied up to make it happen!” It also amuses me to see the projects that apply to the sport of running. Some are brilliant and some are questionable. Here are a couple I’ve learned about recently. What are your thoughts on them?

The Slick Bib

“The next generation running top. Never use safety pins again! Enjoy a better, more pleasant running experience.”

Slick Bib

A shirt with a pocket on the front for your race bibs. No more safety-pin fumbling, putting holes in your shirt or getting your number all messed up. My first reaction was that it’s kind of limiting, you just have one shirt you wear for races (or you buy a bunch of them). But I was impressed by their goals in trying to create a lineup of shirts that are stylish and eliminates a (first-world) problem. And with the pocket on the front, at least newbies will know for sure where their bib goes!

The Run Bell

“A sleek, adjustable, wearable bell that solves the vexing problem of running in crowded areas where runners and pedestrians share the same path.”

Run Bell

I don’t actually encounter tons of other runners in my way, so I don’t see a use for this in my day-to-day running. Although, I think my husband would argue that I should wear it around the house and ring it as I enter rooms, he says I’m sneaky/quiet like a ninja and scare him. I say I’m just walking. But if you’re running in a very populated area with lots of pedestrians, it may come in handy. Are any of you urban runners? I had a couple of people on Twitter reply to me that they would use it!

Go hug your mom this weekend! If you can’t (I wish I could hug mine) then give her a call or Facetime her or something!

Mamalete Day 2014

Block Island Organics Sunscreen


I was sent some Block Island Organics Sunblock for testing/review purposes. As always, forever and ever, opinions on this site are mine mine mine.


Unless you are a hardcore treadmill fan, runners spend so much time outside that we definitely need to take precautions to protect our skin. I try to be diligent in putting on sunblock before going out to run, but I confess to some bad habits. I never remember to put it on my legs! And sometimes I forget my arms! But I always have sunblock on my face/neck/ears while running and my regular day-to-day moisturizer and BB Cream contain sun protection too.

When I was doing marathon training years ago, I discovered that many of the traditional sport sunblocks would not be as waterproof or sweat resistant as they claimed. And then they would run into my eyes… and it was excruciating! I still wore contacts at that time and that really intensified the pain. So I switched to mineral-based sunscreen and never looked back.

Block Island Organics sunscreens are non-toxic mineral based (zinc and titanium) products and come in a variety of SPF levels (15, 30, 40 and a Baby version, zinc-only). The products are non-comedogenic, vegan formulated, paraben-free, phthalate-free, nano particle-free, artificial fragrance-free, non-eye irritating, not tested on animals, made in the USA and highly rated by the Environmental Working Group.


I liked the way it felt while putting it on, it didn’t feel too thick or pasty like some I’ve tried and it rubs on easily. And even though I didn’t have the special baby formula, I slathered some of it on my toddler’s arms way easier than the fancy organic sunblock I bought for her when she was 6-months old but hate putting on her because it feels like I’m trying to rub runny silly putty all over.

Like most mineral-based sunscreens it can give you a little bit of a ghosty appearance, mainly because the minerals are an actual physical barrier between your skin and the sun. Like the lifeguard look from the 80′s with their colored noses?

Lifeguard with sunblock on the nose.

After running and sweating in the sunblock, I did have some white streaks in my elbow pits (totally the technical term there) but that was no big deal. When I wiped sweat off my face with my shirt, it left traces of white residue behind as well.

The business started out of an eco spa on Block Island, Rhode Island called Koru Eco Spa. Their philosophy is to actively enjoy the outdoors with the motto “Play Smart. Play Safe. Non-Toxic Suncare.” They strive to make safe, effective sun care products and educate the public on sun care issues but don’t believe in avoiding the sun altogether.

Overall, I really like this sunscreen! The main downsides: it costs $25.99-29.99 a bottle and the only way to get it is to order it online. No running to chain drugstore down the street to pick some more up if I run out. HOWEVER… the bottle is a 6 oz. bottle as opposed to a 3-4 oz. bottle like many mineral sunblocks, so it works out to being comparable or cheaper than most mineral products on the market.

GET 20% off your order by using the code JillWillRun20 on the Block Island site!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

Zim’s: Heels & Feet Foot Cream & Max-Freeze Continuous Spray

Zim's Foot Cream and Max Freeze Spray

I received a couple of products for free from Zim’s for the purpose of review. Opinions are my own, as always! I reviewed some of Zim’s products a year ago as well.

Zim's Foot Cream and Max Freeze Spray

Zim’s Heels & Feet Foot Cream offers effective skincare for runner’s feet for enduring the wear and tear of road running. Its naturally-based ingredients keep feet and toes soft and supple; aiding in the prevention of thickened skin.

- I like this product, it smooths on well and it improves the appearance of dry skin on the feet very quickly. I have only used it at night, before I go to sleep and with socks on over it. So I’m not sure how long it takes to really absorb into the skin. Tip: Shake the bottle up a little before you flip the top open because it might separate a little when setting.

Zim’s Max-Freeze Continuous Spray for Feet is specifically designed to ease pain and discomfort on sore heels and feet. The fast-acting spray on formula provides temporary relief of achy feet, using all-natural and certified organic ingredients.

- This says it is for feet… my feet haven’t hurt and I haven’t felt the need for some kind of pain relief on them. However, it does say on the bottle it is for the temporary pain relief of muscle aches/strains, bruises, backache, etc. I have sprayed it on bruises with great success and I’ve sprayed it on my own neck when it’s felt tight and sore. I really like the spray application, it gets a nice even covering in one quick blast. It is a menthol product, so it does have that trademark scent. But since it is applied in a nice fine mist, the scent dissipates more quickly than cream products I’ve tried.

These are both great products, and I can probably ramble on and on about how much I loved the Max-Freeze spray. I don’t know that I should love a pain-relief product that much or be excited when I’ve run into something once more and think, “Yes! I have a new bruise that I can treat with the spray!” (Well, maybe it’s not that extreme, but after the initial pain subsides, it’s always a relief to know that I have it available.)

Zim’s products are available online and in LOTS of retails across the US and Canada.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.