Pursuit of a Running Skirt


Alright… I’ve tried wearing running skirts in the past. I’ve had a few of them:

  • a Brooks skirt way back in 2008. This was before they were so commonplace and I felt like a goon wearing it. Also, the inner shorts rode up really bad and that was annoying!
  • Go Girl Sport skirt, another one with the shorts riding up problem.
  • a Mizuno skirt that I wore, and LOVED, while pregnant, but it stopped fitting after I wasn’t pregnant anymore. Go figure.

But I have decided, for some unknown reason, that I need to try a running skirt again. I guess it stems from the fact that most of my running shorts are pretty old and are showing some wear, I figured I may as well try again. So now I’m looking around at my options… lots to choose from.

Maybe I’ll have to post a skirt face-off…

So please, let me know what kind of skirts, or shorts, you swear by!

It’s Addicting

Little kids “just say no!” Teenagers tend to overindulge. As adults, we are praised and glorified if we abstain, as long as we boast about it. It’s seen as a sign of a strong will and strength. I’ve fallen victim to this trap… especially this year. I would tell myself to get a little more, but then say “No, you’re training for a marathon… you can’t. Training trumps.”

Is this some kind of drug? Well… kind of. It’s almost as controversial as hardcore drugs sometimes.

I’m talking about SLEEP!

Sleep: An amazing drug

So let’s go back to that first paragraph. Little kids “just say no!” to SLEEP. Teenagers tend to overindulge in SLEEP. As adults, we are praised and glorified if we abstain from SLEEP, as long as we boast about it. Not SLEEPING is seen as a sign of a strong will and strength. I’ve fallen victim to this trap… especially this year. I would tell myself to get a little more SLEEP, but then say “No, you’re training for a marathon… you can’t. Training trumps SLEEP.”

Here’s the thing… I’ve been letting myself sleep a little more since the Boston Marathon. And this extra sleep has almost been like I’ve gotten a hit of a drug. I frequently don’t want to forfeit that sleep to get up early to run. Instead of 5ish hours a night, 7 hours feels glorious! Sometimes I get 8 hours!

Sleep tracking output from Pivotal Living wristband

But I want to run and I have races on the horizon. I need to get up early to run in order to fit it in. It’s getting hot and I don’t want heat stroke from running on my lunch hour. Plus there’s my job… it’s just building and building in volume and it’s harder to slip away for a lunch break anyway.

I just don’t understand why it’s become a sign that you’re doing something amazing.

  • “I worked on that project all night, I only got 3 hours of sleep.”
  • “I pulled an all-nighter.”
  • “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

It’s not like consistently telling your colleagues that you drank a whole lot the night before would be looked upon as a strength, but that’s essentially what is happening when you are consistently staying awake too many hours.

Never mind the fact that it’s a fundamental requirement… we NEED to sleep. It’s not like we put off other essentials to prove that we’re killing it at work. “Dude, I only peed once yesterday!”

Sleep heals us. Sleep energizes us. We need sleep… And when you get more sleep after you’ve been deprived, you just want more of it. Your body gets a hit and then it craves more. But when you get too much, you turn into a lazy sloth.

Thus… Sleep is an amazing and powerful drug. 

Friday Fête

Yesterday was #JadeTheBoxer’s 5th birthday. And I managed to stumble upon the post from when we first brought her home while looking for posts on my next subject. She was so tiny! Now she’s my big dog and she isn’t my running partner. We ran together up until I gave birth to #AwesomeA, and then Jade seemed to go on strike. I took her out for runs where she would stubbornly sit down and refuse to move. It’s hard to drag a 65-pound dog down the sidewalk! So I gave up… she’s still my snuggle buddy, but we don’t run together. And she’s gained weight because there’s SOMEONE in the house who thinks she needs treats all the time.

AwesomeA giving the dog a treat

“Jade said she wants a treat.”

Anyway, what I was initially looking for was to see how far back I’ve been posting about National Running Day, which falls on June 3 (that’s next Wednesday, FYI); apparently, since 2009. Each year they offer a “badge” graphic where you can fill in your reason for running and this year I’ve decided that I run to “get a high” – I’m living in a fog lately where I just seem to drift from work to taking care of my kid and don’t have time for much else. And while those are important, I also don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much, yet when I get out to run at some ungodly hour in the morning or I complete a race (Hi… Boston Marathon? Biggest running high evah!) I get a rush of joy/pride/adrenaline/excitement. So this year…. I need my high.


Side note: Go for a Natural High – Why do I know this song?

National Running Day seems to grow each year with more and more brands jumping on board with events/activities. Here are some that I’ve learned about for this year’s event:

  • nuun and Motigo are teaming up to send runners cheers during NRD and possibly win prizes. Motigo is an app that allows you go collect “cheers” from friends/family and they will play for you during a race. In this instance, there is a chance to get prizes from nuun midrun.
  • OrthoLite is encouraging runners everywhere to show their run for the chance to win one of three $100 American Express gift cards for new running gear and a pair of OrthoLite Fusion insoles! To enter the social media giveaway, post a photo of your run on June 3 and tag @OrthoLite with #RunOrthoLite on Facebook and/or Twitter. The photo can show running shoes you can’t live without, a new PR, your running buddy that pushes you farther and faster, a picturesque running route or simply why you love to run.
  • The Charity Miles app is being promoted on the site as the way to log your miles that day, so then you’re getting in miles for yourself as well as doing good for a cause. If you haven’t looked at this one and usually log your runs with a smartphone, you may consider using this!
  • Brooks Running has released their 3rd annual Run Happy Nation Report in conjunction with Running Day. It’s usually fully of quirky stats and I’ll post the full info over on TheRUNiverse.com next week. But here are a few “highlights” in infographic form.


Working Mom

Typing some numbers into a spreadsheet for a meeting that starts in 2 minutes. My cell rings. Glance at the display, it’s the kid’s school. Nothing good ever comes from a call from the kid’s school at 8:58 AM. 


“Hi Jill. ‘A’ threw up. A lot. All over her shoes and clothes.”

Internal sigh… “Okay, I’ll be there soon.”

Frantically email those I’m supposed to meet with and tell them we need to reschedule. Grab some clean clothes and shoes and get in the car.

Drive to school, kid is sitting in a chair dressed in her backup clothes and happily eating a piece of toast. “Hi Mommy! Let’s go to the zoo!”

Take the kid home, start washing the vomit clothes, get her settled down with the iPad and try to cancel other work plans, reply to emails and take a phone call. 

Feel like a crappy employee for the umpteenth time since having a kid. 

To all single or childless people… I promise this isn’t something a working parent revels in. I like getting my work done and hovering with a bucket nearby in case a two-year-old pukes again isn’t the way I enjoy spending time.

Of course… She’s fine. Just one puke to clear out the system. But that one (uncontrollable) action can mess up a whole week!

Holiday Weekend, What?

Was it a holiday yesterday? It was a Monday and I didn’t have work. It was a Monday and my kid didn’t have school. It was a Monday and my husband didn’t go into the office. But he worked the whole day and I don’t think I’ve ever seen my child react so vehemently against going to park as she did yesterday. So my kid and I had a very boring day that went back and forth from watching Go Diego Go (seriously, this is a good kids show!) and playing with toys in the bonus room and “doing exercises” together while my husband worked from home all day.

Maybe it wasn’t boring to my kid. I think she was happy with the non-festivities. And I get a kick out of it when she wants to “go exercise” with me. I’m never quite sure what it means we’ll end up doing. Sometimes we make up an obstacle course, sometimes we do yoga and recently she’s decided she likes trying to figure out walking on the treadmill. We will have it set at 0.6mph and she’ll decide to sit down on it while it’s moving or she’ll try to step off the side. It’s a little scary for me, I never knew I could get my heart rate up that much from going that slow! Or she’ll instruct me to pick her up and want me to keep the walking going though. That’s a fun motion, sweeping a kid up who has stopped moving and is standing in front of you on a moving treadmill belt.

Treadmill while carrying a kid.

Treadmill while carrying a kid.

When we do yoga she insists that she needs to get special clothes on, mainly because she’s seen me put on workout clothes to do yoga. And my yoga “wardrobe” consists of capris that ride down if you run in them, so they’re relegated to the more peaceful motions of yoga as well as tanks with built-in shelf bras that no woman, even non-endowed ones like me, would consider running in. So of course, #AwesomeA needs yoga clothes. So she pulls out a tank top from my drawer and says, “I’ll wear this one.” Then she does some poses with me, tells me that “I can’t know how to do that.” on some of them, crawl under me when I’m inverted, sit on top of me at other times, and will lay down on the floor and pull her yoga mat on top of her and say “Good night! Wait! It’s not bedtime!”

It’s fun… I get a kick out of it.

For the most part, yesterday didn’t feel like any kind of holiday. Even more ironic, it was my anniversary too and it STILL didn’t feel like any kind of special day. According to those weirdo things that tell you what kind of anniversary gifts to give each year, it was the animals or gold jewelry anniversary. I didn’t get either of those nor did I want those. (And apparently after next year, then you just start celebrating every 5 years.) In fact, we just sat down together at the end of the day and decided to order something online that we both wanted. Actually, something I really wanted and something I told him he should want too. Cause that’s how you celebrate after a while. But somehow when stumbling around online I found little kid workout clothes and I have to admit I’m super tempted to order these for my daughter. I could probably refrain from ordering the jackets… we have entered no-jacket-weather for the next several months here in Las Vegas. But the yoga capris and running shorts are ADORABLE! And that’s the real way to celebrate Memorial Day, buying stuff. Right?

Friday Fête

Last Saturday we took off to San Diego. My daughter started to ask to go to a zoo in January… so I guess making her wait 5 months was long enough? She was so excited, but I think it made our trip easier. She’s not a fan of riding in the car for a long time, but we made it through this trip pretty well! She loved the zoo and the beach, Sea World was probably more “pretty good” in her book.


  • I think I bought my first pair of “athleisure” pants at an Athleta store in San Diego. And I’m ridiculously excited about them. And they’re not tights. Although, I saw A LOT of people in CA wearing patterned workout tights as regular everyday apparel. I can’t do that.
  • Also… seriously Athleta. OPEN A STORE IN LAS VEGAS! Or maybe not, I’d probably go there too often.
  • I need a new wardrobe though. The state of my closet is very very sad.
  • There was an earthquake here in NV today… I don’t think I felt it even if lots of people here did. Or if I did, I just chalked it up to the construction that is happening right next to my neighborhood.
  • Do you think it was part of GoPro’s original business plan to capture the final moments of people’s lives? It feels like we may see more and more of these.
  • I slowed down a lot during marathon training. I need to reclaim my Strava segment course records. I ran one of them today and I missed my old PR on it by a few seconds, but the new CR by about 15 seconds. Time to do work… for no real reason except that I feel like it.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend! Got any fun plans?

Friday Fête

Did you grow up in the 80’s and watch Jem? I did… I actually dressed up like Pizzazz from the Misfits (the villain girl band from the show?) for Halloween one year… that must have been 87ish? Anyway, my friends and I loved that show. I saw a link the other day to watch the trailer for the new Jem and the Holograms movie.  So I watched it… and it made me feel all creepy and sad inside. It’s not the Jem that I loved as a kid. Probably for the best… I’m sure that, like most things I liked as a kid, the original is pretty bad when viewed now.

I need to get my training back to consistency! I enjoyed having a couple of weeks off from running after the Boston Marathon. But after that my work ramped up and I have had to leave town for work every week for the past 4 weeks. I’m over that. It’s exhausting and it throws a kink into consistency with my training. When I started running again I felt clumsy, but this week I’ve had some good runs. This morning I was planning on going to hit a trail… but they’re doing some road re-paving on my street today and there are some guys walking around in circles in front of my house right now blowing debris everywhere. So I’m going to avoid stepping out in that for now. Today would be the day to have a Zero Runner!

Pivotal Living wearable

I was recently sent a Pivotal Living fitness tracker. I’ll post a full review after I use it for a bit, but I just wanted to tell you the really cool angle to this tracker. The band is free! Well, kind of. See, you sign up for a $12 one-year membership to the app and all your wearable-generated data and you get a complimentary device. And when you renew for another year, you get the new version of the device. This way you can always stay on top of the changing technology instead of feeling stuck with that device you just paid $100+ for one week before the new version was launched! So for the next little bit I’m wearing two fitness trackers, just to give it a test!


Recycle GU wrappers

Terracycle and GU Energy Labs have partnered to let athletes send in their empty endurance gel packets for recycling. Read more about gel wrapper recycling over on TheRUNiverse.com.


Fabletics Brook Tee II

I just bought this tee from Fabletics in Dark Grey… it’s super soft, super comfy, and just all around awesome! I just wish the only two colors it came in weren’t super bright pink and super bring coral.

Brook Tee II   Fabletics


This post took entirely too long to write… mainly because of sifting through crap in my inbox and figuring out which is worth sharing a little. And surprisingly little made the cut.

Wearable Tech to Manage Pain?!

I work a desk job… I sit at a computer for a lot of hours each day. But since I telecommute, I can usually stand up and do some jumping jacks without anyone as a witness, or I can respond to emails on my laptop while using my FitDesk, or I can use the upstairs bathroom instead of the one on the same floor as my office. Little ways to get some extra movement in to my day. But the past few weeks I’ve been making a lot of drives to work on site, which means a lot of time sitting in the car. And I’m finding my hips getting tight and even a few sore spots. So I foam roll and roll on Yoga Tune-Up balls and do hip opening yoga poses.

In addition to the hip trouble spots, my shoulders are chronically knotted up and I have pain in my wrist from using a mouse all day lately. I feel a little bit like a mess some days!


So when I heard about the new Cur device, I was really interested. I want to get my hands on one of these… basically it’s a small TENS device, it sends a small current into the muscle to release pain. It’s useful for people with chronic pain, desk jockeys who develop cricks and creaks from being too stationary, or from active individuals who develop cricks and creaks from being active. (Wait a minute… how is this fair? We get problems from moving and NOT moving!) Maybe it’s just that it’s good for people who are aging… and we’re all aging!

I got to ask the CEO, Shaun Rahimi,  a few questions via email about it:

1. How long would the sensor/pads last?
Two weeks.

2. Is it possible for the consumer to mess this up and place it in a way that is harmful?
Cur’s biosensing technology is designed to measure your body and provide accurate settings that can lead to clinically effective results. That said, it’s designed for places below the head, meaning it’s not designed for migraines — just chronic pain like the hips you referred to, low back, etc.

3. Are there any pains that this wouldn’t be usable for?
Migraines/anything above the shoulders

4. Does it communicate with a smartphone? Or is there some other mechanism that controls it? And how does it work if you don’t have wires looped all over you?  
Cur has wireless and smartphone connectivity and a mobile app that allows people to build their own customized treatments for different reasons like rehab, massage, neuroscience, pain and even training for a marathon.

5. How much will this cost?
$299 retail, however for the first 30 days (May 13 – June 13) it will sell for $149!

6. How do people get it?

I also shared the full press release about it over on TheRUNiverse.com. I’m a geek… I’d love to get my hands on one. Or get this on my hands and upper back for some pain relief!

Disclaimer: Why do I feel like I need to write a disclaimer because I wrote a post about a product that I haven’t tried and just find interesting? Because that’s the state of the blogosphere now. Le sigh…

Do you do “athleisure”?

I’m sure you’ve heard the jokes/stories/truths about women wearing yoga pants all the time.

  • It’s a joke: we’re all too sloppy to care anymore.
  • It’s a reality: we like to be comfortable.
  • It’s a spark: a whole new category of clothing called “athleisure” has moved forward due to this.

Just to preface… I don’t wear yoga pants around all the time. I’m not sure if I even own yoga pants. I mean, I have several pairs of athletic capris. Some have a tendency to ride down if I run in them, so they have been relegated to the “yoga wear” designation but I don’t think they’re actually called “yoga pants”. And I definitely would never wear any of those pants for anything other than a workout. While I’m just as much of a fan of being comfortable as anyone else, I am NOT comfortable in skin-tight pants in everyday situations. There is a part of me that would still much rather disappear into baggy clothes. That’s why I dislike skinny jeans and I’m happy every time I hear a story that says they’ve reached their end.

But I also don’t want to look like a hobo or like I’m stuck in a 90’s fashion rut either. My high school and college years were comfortable though…

Girls in baggy 90's clothing - jeans and plaid

But the recent athleisure trend is seemingly everywhere. I receive catalogs in the mail, I receive marketing emails, I see online ads. And I start to think I need these items. And I can easily rack up $1000 of imaginary purchases in the matter of minutes while flipping through their sites/catalogs.

Jogger pants are just a different name for sweat pants. Something that was the ultimate in sloppy wear when I was younger. As in, this is what you wore when you were home sick. In the winter. And nobody would see you. But now we’ve added a few pockets, embellishments and VOILA! it’s completely fashionable. Take the Coaster Pant from Athleta.

Athleta Coaster Pant

Athleta Coaster Pant

Looks casual enough, but still pretty cute. But then in their blog, they take it to the next level and claim you can wear joggers to work (or on a date)!

Athleta Coaster Pant for Work?

Athleta Coaster Pant for Work?

I’m pretty sure I’d feel wrong if I wore those pants into the office (the times that I actually do go into the office.) It’s a cute look… but if I feel sloppy, I don’t feel good about myself.

Let’s look at Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s line of athletic apparel. I’m in love with all the capris I have bought from them and I recently placed an order for some shirts. They’re introducing more things that can carry over into the athleisure realm. Or at least, they say they can… “Loungewear for all day, every day.”

It’s a totally cute shirt! I could see wearing that to a barre class or a Surfset class, with a bra underneath! But I just don’t see wearing that out and about in my daily life. And I live somewhere that is really hot! There are people who actually wear bikini tops to the grocery store at times and I’m totally embarrassed for them when I see them.

I guess that’s part of the problem… it’s hot here in Vegas from May to October. And I don’t want to wear lots of layers or clothing that is heavy. I don’t want my clothes to cling either. I’d much rather wear something baggy, lightweight and easy to pull on. But I also don’t want to feel like I’m a slob when I run to the store or when I pick my daughter up from school.

Eddie Bauer has some great looking activewear lately, but they also have some examples of putting things together into an athleisure look.

I think it’s cute… I can guarantee I’m not going to wear a scarf with my athletic capris. It’s just sooooooo not me. I made the mistake of buying a scarf a while back. I look okay in it, but I’m really uncomfortable in it. I feel like I’m pretending or playing dress up.

But I really want to figure out how to incorporate more comfortable clothing into my life and not wear denim so much, but still feel like myself. I’m such a mess when it comes to fashion!

Would you wear joggers or leggings into an office? Do you wear them out and about for daily tasks? Have you ever scrapped your entire wardrobe and rebuilt?

Friday Fête

I have 10 days of vacation to use before June 30 or else I lose them. That means I need to take quite a few Fridays off before then. So this morning I took the time for myself for this:

Trails on the outskirts of Las Vegas

Try to not get lost… they look like they all come back together, but they don’t!

Trails on the outskirts of Las Vegas - big rocky hill

Climb me…

I received some new trail shoes: Montrail FluidFlex ST (disclosure: freebie shoes for the purpose of blog review/social media) and while I had run on an easy trail in them before Boston, I was excited to get out on new terrain. They were really comfortable and I was glad I had the traction on these trails full of loose rocks and uneven slopes. They have a 4mm drop, are lightweight and they retail for $95… I’m looking forward to putting in more miles on the trails now that I’m not marathon training for a while. *


And just because today I am taking vacation, that doesn’t mean I’m free from checking my work email or talking to my boss. I seem to recall once upon a time I could actually take a day off… but the past few months that vibe has changed A LOT in my job.

And in true Friday fashion… here are a bunch of things that have graced my inbox this week that have caught my eye.

Aquasana Filter Water Bottle (Kickstarter)

This Aquasana water bottle is made of glass and has a super-high-tech filter. I don’t think I’d carry it running, but it seems like a good traveling bottle – one to take with you past security into the airport and fill up out of the drinking fountains. Or to keep in the car and then fill up at parks for the kiddo… park drinking fountains always seem a little iffy to me!

Aquasana Filter Water Bottle

Hidrate Water Bottle

Did you know there could be so much innovation in water bottles? This Hidrate bottle communicates with an app to make sure you’re drinking the right amount throughout the day. And it’s kind of like a work of art!

Hidrate water bottle and app

JournalMENU Winner

Congratulations to Amy who won the training journal giveaway. For those of you who are interested in getting your own JournalMENU journal, you can get 15% off by visiting this page by May 20! They have journals for a wide range of things available, so check it out! (No, I don’t get commission from this… it’s just a nice thing they have offered!)


Red’s Burrito Bowls

I received some coupons to get free Red’s Burrito Bowls and I was excited to try them. I found them at a local Fresh and Easy store, where unfortunately they don’t take manufacturer coupons. (I could get into a whole other rant about this!) So I just bought them anyway… and I really like them. Super easy when I need a fast lunch and they’re non-GMO, have a good amount of protein in them and are one of the better tasting microwave meals I’ve tried! BTW – Red is not the owner, Red is the owner’s dog. I’m pretty sure Jade the Boxer would approve.


Standing Workers Just Want to Sit Down

I thought this was interesting… we hear a lot about how bad sitting is (I share a lot of those stories. I want to stand at my desk more!) but I frequently hear from friends who do a lot on their feet when I share those how they would love to sit down more during work. I received a pitch from Futuro who is doing a giveaway for a vacation, gift card, compression gear, about how workers that stand a lot end up so fatigued they often don’t do other exercise. This isn’t the athletic compression gear I would normally lean toward, but I hadn’t thought that if I do actually stand more at my desk that I might need compression gear for that! Sounds like standing while working and sitting while working are just like anything else… best in moderation!


*Did you catch that? My “for a while” statement? I really want to run another marathon and I’m already plotting out where the next one should be. I just don’t want to train for one through the summer months in Las Vegas!