Keep it, Move it, or Kill it?

I’m debating… should I keep the blog here as an actual regular ol’ blog or should I move it to a Substack? Or just print it all off for myself and make it magically disappear? (as much as one can make things disappear from the internet… remember, that’s a hard thing to accomplish folks!)

If anyone is still out there… how do you consume blogs? Do you follow them on feed readers still or just show up every now and then to see if something has changed? Or maybe you receive my posts via email already and migrating to Substack wouldn’t be much of a change for you? Maybe you hate getting email.

Most of my traffic comes from people daily looking to see what happens when you rip your toenail off and I’d hate to deprive them of that glowing piece of medical literature if I shut it all down. (It’s not literature, nor is it medical advice given with an iota of medical education. But it seems to make people feel better and less alone in human clumsiness.)

This post is just kind of stream of consciousness… as I opened this to start writing about 2022 and this is what came out.

Nectarine tree in bloom
Random photo of my nectarine tree in bloom, because it is blooming and it’s pretty.


  1. I use a feed reader. I was thinking of getting mine printed, shutting it down, or keeping my recipe blog and only the travel/movies feed on my random blog. Or just getting rid of everything, except the recipes. I just haven’t kept it up, but I don’t want to lose the content of what I wrote because it’s sort of like a journal.

    • Right? There’s a lot of stuff that is basically a journal of my life. But then, it feels foolish to print some of it because I’ve been literally posting online since 2001 and who needs to spend money to print off some of these things that I wouldn’t have written down in a physical journal but could because of how easy it was to just type it and post it to the public. Which honestly, I should probably go through and find some of those and delete them! But it also seems dumb to keep paying for hosting and such of my blog… but I like the outlet.

      Clearly I can keep rambling on the subject and never come to a conclusion. LOL

      • Maybe we should consider consolidating. Just a thought. Like, maybe we should get a few writers and have this be our online publication, and each person can post something once a month. We could have topics like health, family, travel, fitness… I don’t know. But maybe if we had like 5 or 10 contributors, there would be somewhat regular new content, and maybe it would go somewhere. But maybe not? I pay $0 for my hosting obviously, but if you share the hosting among people, maybe it’s cheaper. I don’t know, but mine is currently a tomb of my old thoughts.

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