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Wacky Yogurt Flavors With Heat

Reading Time: 3 minutes Does this have anything to do with running? Nope. But yogurt is frequently considered a health food. (or a demon food, depending on which audience you talk to!) So… whatever. Yogurt it is today! Chobani Chipotle Pineapple yogurt Saw this on the shelves at

Play Again Now

Reading Time: 3 minutes   About 5 days after I ran the Parowan Half Marathon earlier this year, I was at the tail end of my post-race soreness when I received an email telling me about the virtues of this product that helped reduce soreness so athletes


Reading Time: 4 minutes The Badwater 135 race kicks off today… For those of you who are unaware of this unique torture, the race takes runners on a 135-mile journey through Death Valley in the heat of the summer. There’s a lot of different stuff happening this