Anti-Climactic Birthday

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This weekend (Saturday) I “celebrated” my 34th birthday. I use the word celebrate really loosely here, because in reality… it was probably the most boring birthday ever. In past years for my birthday I would get up super early to give myself the gift of running. But not this year… in fact this year I spent most of the day laying (on my side) trying to feel comfortable.

I was planning on making pancakes for my breakfast, but ended up making my birthday pancakes for dinner on Thursday night. So I just had my typical bowl of overnight oats. That’s fine with me, it’s a yummy breakfast and it’s one of the few things that sounds appetizing to me lately.

Retro Bakery Pink Lemonade cupcake
Pink Lemonade cupcake from Retro Bakery

We did make a stop at Retro Bakery to get cupcakes, because lemon cake on my birthday is essential. I elected to not make reservations at a chef-y restaurant for dinner because I had no idea what the weekend would hold. But I’m actually kind of glad about this decision. I missed the experience of a nice meal out, but my husband never really enjoys these excursions so I usually feel guilty for dragging him somewhere and I don’t think I would have been comfortable for a nice meal out right now anyway.

I spent a lot of time laying (on my side, so sick of laying on my side… I can’t wait to lay on my stomach!) reading and watching obscure Olympic sports. Handball is weird and the modern pentathlon is such an eclectic grouping of events.

In addition to the BOB being part of my gifts, I got a few items off my wishlist which I was excited about:
– The Athlete’s Book of Home Remedies
– The New Rules of Lifting for Women
Texthook (it holds my phone on the BOB)
– new lapdesk

I guess this could be my last weekend to just laze around (possibly forever), but I prefer being more active than this. And considering how close this kid’s birthday is bound to be to mine, I guess the future could be about planning kid parties.

But at least we don’t share a birthday!

FYI – My hubby shares a birthday with his mom. I think he’s even more adamant that we shouldn’t share a birthday. He wants me to get my day to celebrate while the kid has their own day.


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