PDO Sporteer Armband

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Recently I got to try the PDO Sporteer Armband. It’s designed to hold the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod touch models.

The fit is snug… perhaps a little too snug. I tried putting both an iPhone 4 and 3GS in this, neither one would fit with a case on them. (Even a super thin case that doesn’t add much bulk.) It’s almost a little bit of a battle to get the phone into the armband. That did kind of annoy me.

But once the device is in there, the snugness makes the see-through screen protector very smooth so it is easy to control the device. (Ever used one of those holders where it’s so lumpy the phone doesn’t respond to your touch? No risk of that here.)

PDO Sporteer Armband - outside

The band is made of neoprene and it’s comfortable. It doesn’t smell bad like some neoprene products I’ve encountered, straight out of the package it is completely wearable.

The stripes down each side of the window are reflective materials, so it adds one more element of security for nighttime running. (In addition to the other precautions you should be taking!)

I really like the idea of the interior pocket to hold some cash, ID or cards. In theory you could hold a key too… just not any modern keys with remote control devices embedded into the key. (Both our Subaru and Volkswagen keys have the remote as part of the actual key.)

PDO Sporteer Armband - inside

The PDO Sporteer comes in two sizes, a S/M (8.75″ to 10.5″) and a M/L (10.5″ to 16.5″) and each of those sizes are customizable with the velcro strap. It’s nice that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all package because that often leads to an excess of strap for smaller arms.

For a runner who just wants to strap on their iPhone and go, while still being able to access the phone’s screen the PDO Sporteer Armband is perfect. No fuss once it is on, good fit and comfortable. For a runner who wants to pull their phone out frequently to use the camera, this is not the armband to use due to the tight fit. I fall into both of those categories. As a blogger, I do enjoy taking pictures while on the run. (I used to try to take a picture on every run… I think I will pick that up again in 2013.) But there are times that I just want to take off and run. For example, I would never stop and take pictures during a PR-attempt race or a 5K. (Well, unless I did The Color Run or something like that again! That’s totally a photo worthy short race.)

So there are good things about this armband that earns it a spot in my rotation, but also some negatives that keep it from becoming my be-all-end-all armband. I am also planning on upgrading to the next iPhone when it’s released (iPhone 5 or whatever it is called) and the rumors say it will be a little taller… so this band will need to be updated for that. I would recommend making it a tiny bit easier to slip the phone in and out, then it might become my permanent go-to band.


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