Baby Showered

My site “blew up” a couple days ago. It was kind of exhausting to deal with getting it back up while trying to deal with work too. I said I was not going to complain for the rest of pregnancy, but I need to. That was not cool or fair! Hopefully I’ll get my site fully restored over the weekend.

I’ve been fortunate to have 3 baby showers. Well… 2 baby showers and an open house. I am very grateful to all the people who have “showered” us with gifts and love as we prepare for this impending invader blessing. 🙂

I LOVE the opportunity to be able to spend time with friends and family. I love that I received gifts. Yes, that makes me sound greedy… huh? But it’s more that I appreciate seeing what other people feel babies need and the help that this provides. I truly struggle with buying baby stuff. (We bought a crib mattress the other day at Babies R Us. They asked if we had a rewards card and I begrudgingly got one, because I know I have more purchases to make there in the months to come It’s just overwhelming!)

I HATE having my body on display. I kind of appreciate the way everyone has told me how beautiful and glowing I am, but there is a level of discomfort underneath for me as well. There’s a part of my ED brain that tells me everyone is judging everyone else’s bodies all the time. I always tell myself that can’t be true, because I don’t walk around thinking about everybody’s figures, and I definitely don’t think about my friends in terms of their bodies because I love my friends/family for the whole them. It’s not like “friend-so-and-so is awesome, but their thighs suck” or “friend-x is great because her boobs are amazing.” Yet when people comment on my shape right now, it feels like confirmation that appearance and body types are all the world thinks about.

The worst: My grandmother hugged me and said, “Look at you, I thought for sure you were going to be as big as a barn!” Um… thanks? Most people just tell me that I’m “all baby” or something like that. I definitely did not blow up everywhere with pregnancy, which was kind of my biggest fear in terms of body concerns.

Shower #1 – Colorado

My in-laws threw a surprise baby shower for me while we were in CO for a family reunion. At this reunion we played a couple of goofy shower games, one was a Memory type game where there were a bunch of pregnancy-related terms on the back of numbered index cards. We flipped cards over and and if someone got a match, they won a prize. (Candy… planned out to relate to the term on the card. I don’t remember them all, but think along the lines of “Premature” and “Runts”.) Nearly everybody won a prize (except me, which is fine). The next “game” was kind of a game, but kind of not. Everyone had a card and they were supposed to write down the best thing about being a mother and I was supposed to guess who wrote it down. Since not everyone there was a mother (nieces) they were supposed to write down what they thought was the best thing about being a mother. One of my nieces put “being in total control of someone else.” I immediately knew that wasn’t coming from an actual parent, I know enough to recognize you’re not in control of the kid completely. But I didn’t really have to guess on all of them, some of them might as well have their name written on them and others the person just volunteered that it was them. Overall, it was fun except I felt like I was going to melt or die from heat stroke by the end. This was about the point where maternity pants were getting too uncomfortable to wear.
Surprise Baby Shower Surprise Baby Shower

Shower #2 – Las Vegas

This shower was thrown for me by my friend Charlene (Running with Charlene) and was a bunch of my lovely friends here in Las Vegas. A bunch of people that I’ve met through coaching Team Challenge were there, some came from Team In Training involvement, some just random other friendships I’ve made here. This was more informal where we ate lots of yummy goodies and chatted a lot. No organized games, that’s a relief. I can only handle so many corny games and if someone had tried to melt candy bars inside of diapers at a party, well… they might not be my friend anymore. 😉
Baby Shower Baby Shower Baby Shower Baby Shower

Shower #3 Open House – Utah

My mom held a small open house for Kevin and me where co-workers, former neighbors, childhood friends, etc. could stop by and say hello. It was awesome to see people like my second grade teacher and people that I work with but rarely see now due to telecommuting. This was very informal, people could stop by between 6 to 7:30 pm and stay as long as they’d like. One fun thing is a guy that Kevin went to high school with has moved into the same neighborhood as my mom and Kevin’s parents (no… we didn’t know each other growing up. Kevin’s parents retired to the same town and moved into the same neighborhood as my mom.) so he stopped by. Kevin hadn’t seen him in a long time, so it was good that it wasn’t all strangers that only I knew! Actually, he has met the people that were there, but they know me better. I ate too many sweets at this party, there were so many options! But for a bit after that party, just the thought of a cookie or candy made my stomach roll.

Jade The Boxer is super-impressed with all of the stuff arriving in our home. Can’t you tell?
"What is all this stuff that keeps showing up?" #jadetheboxer

Thank you to everyone!

Minuscule updates on the pregnancy:
– The Group B Strep test came back negative.
– Still not dilated, but still chance baby can come at anytime. Cervix is showing some “dimpling”, I guess preparing for birth.
– At 37 weeks now, I am considered “full term”.


  1. When my bestie was pregnant, I moved two months into her pregnancy. 5 months later, I drove home and stayed with her. The first thing I said was, “You look great!” The second thing I said was, “I think.” Having never been with child, I never know what to say to those who are. I don’t think, “Wow you look like an inflated balloon” would go over so well.

    • LOL! Yeah, that probably wouldn’t have been a great thing to say. But it’s funny… at least to read it. If someone said that to me I wouldn’t find it funny! 🙂

  2. Haha. You are in total control, duh. Until the child calls its lawyer and has DSS come after you. 😉

    Lots of love for the baby invader. I know you guys appreciate all of your friends and family. Cheesy shower games usually arent too bad (I dreaded wedding showers but they turned out ok).

    • Does a baby come with a lawyer these days? Or, in this litigious society we live in now, do they hover at the hospital looking to sign up new clients right from birth? “Are you tired of your parents’ controlling ways? Would you like to be a legally-emancipated minor? Here’s my card!”

  3. […] was that I ordered and then received my BOB stroller. Some people contributed money toward it for baby shower open house gifts and some for my birthday. My hubby is getting really good at opening big boxes of things and […]

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