Cast Free!!!!

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I went to the podiatrist today…
Cast free!!!

The cast was removed!


He said:
– the bone callous has gone down in size, meaning it is flattening out into normal bone again.
– however, it is not totally healed yet.
– I should wear shoes around inside the house
– if I feel ANY pain in the foot, I should put the boot back on for the rest of the day and start fresh the next day
– each day build up wearing shoes a little more
– if I’m going to wander around a shopping center for a while, I should wear the boot. At least for the first week.

It sucks that I may still have to wear my boot at times, but I’m so glad to not have that cast on anymore.

Although, my skin started tingling within 15 minutes of the cast being off and it hasn’t really stopped yet. (2.5 hours later)  The skin is really sensitive too.  I was eager to get in the shower and wash cast residue off, shave and just feel like my foot and leg were clean.  But shaving my leg actually kind of hurt because the skin is so sensitive.  I also still have lines all over in my leg from the materials used in the cast.  Kind of like when you sleep funny and end up with a crease in your face, except they are tiny thin lines all over.

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